24 May 2016

Congo Goddess Vortex: Urgent and Time-Sensitive! ~ Sisterhood of the Rose ~ 24 May 2016

This is an urgent call to assist in the clearing and preparation of the Congo Vortex to enable the Gaia Goddess energies to return to that area. Cobra mentioned in his update that important work is being carried:

As I am writing this, an important operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet is healing the Congo portal, the focal point of the Archon invasion of 1996.

This is the same time that both Phil Schneider and Dr Karla Turner were murdered, and Cobra himself threatened.

Please help if you are guided and are able to do so. There is no fixed time or routine.

Source: Sisterhood of the Rose

The Congo Goddess Vortex is to be reinstated just now. The coming hours and days are crucial. So please join us in our efforts to help the Light forces. Please do with us this important meditation - visualization - decree - or any other one you may choose for this purpose. It is recommendable to do it any time you are guided to, as much often as you can.

Important to know that 20 years ago, in year 1996 there was an atrocious archon's invasion on that spot when a large amount of reptilian troops came through that portal to shout down the awakening of the Light (new age movement) on the surface of the planet. Now this vortex is on it's way to be restored and healed  

* We are visualizing a huge beam of Light throughout the whole area.
* We command all interferences and obstacles on the way to bring the Goddess energy back to this area to be cleared at once, unconditionally and absolutely!
* We connect with the soul star chakras of all involved in this healing process and see how their feelings, thoughts and acts are harmonizing with that purpose.

Congo vortex is the Goddess Gaia Vortex and only the energy of the Goddess is allowed and
entrusted to be there!

So it is! So it is! So it is!
Victory of the Light!
Fractal Enlightenment


  1. the fact that Cobra was so open about this tells me there is no concern for interference

    so indeed the dark is almost done

    1. We'll hold the highest intention! Blessings