03 May 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 1 May 2016

Please listen to the show here. I'll include my notes but do know that they are not comprehensive.
  • Explosion at S4 Area 51 ~ neutron device detonated in coup attempt; parts of facility destroyed, including cloning and replicator centres. Bomb was teleported into facility. Simon stresses this is unconfirmed as he has only received confirmation from one out of two sources (security group and off-planet). Section targetted also included one that housed exotic devices essential to off-planet beings, this now means that they won't be able to assist psychopathic humans who wish to stage coups
  • US Navy 6th Fleet now paying for provisions and fuel with silver. Fed and Elite so convinced of USD collapse that they are squirrelling and coining silver dollars, they are predicting their own economic demise very soon
  • Economic changes will see shift to value-based system from consumer-based culture; Simon and JayPee suggests stocking up on essential products from gold-backed economies (China, Russia, India etc) such as shoes
  • Govt. sponsored video that says taking vitamins/supplements will cause cancer ~ Simon had warned about this last year
  • Simon receives verified information independently and feels duty-bound to disseminate it.
  • Questioner asks about vision of globe with grid around it ~ Simon is unable to say more without additional details, but confirms that more holes are now appearing on the grids imprisoning the Planet
  • There's no difference between Coca-Cola and MacD in terms of their worldwide agenda to weaponise their products
  • The Event and shift in dimension/consciousness ~ Alex Collier, Tolec and Simon are all producing information about this topic along the same vein but Simon still encourages us to use our own discretion. Yes, Earth will evolve “whether we like it or not” and She will take along those who are aligned with this higher consciousness
  • How to terminate relationship with Illuminati that questioner befriended? Questioner mistook the latter's powers to read thoughts as enlightenment. Simon advises that this is a situation that requires his consultation but says that the first thing to determine is whether the latter is working alone or in group, human/part-human/non-human etc. This predicament is a very common occurrence
  • Stanley Kubrick's “114” hint? 1+1+4 = 6, number of gods; 7=male, 8=female in Reptilian numerology. He was asked to fake Moon's landings and in return was given carte blanche to produce any movie. However, Eyes Wide Shut crossed the line which resulted in his death; the movie was ultimately edited prior to release
  • How to gauge if Simon's information is mind-controlled? Ask if the information has been supportive of Humanity or otherwise. His story is consistent. He also explains that 75% of Milabs have no alien involvement
  • Questioner asks about what he sees when he relaxes his eyes ~ translucent vortex, tiny swirling white lights, black halo around stars. Each individual's eyes and 3rd eye interpret energies differently, but Simon thinks that questioner is beginning to see through hologram. When someone reaches a certain level of psychic ability, they can start seeing the Matrix breaking down.
  • All live births in Western world are regularly scanned for their Soul signature (which is unique) to determine if they would be a potential problem, especially if they've been a threat to elites in previous lives. (Other countries too, but not regularly as in the West.) Walk-ins are a way to defeat this sweep. This cat-and-mouse game has been going on since Babylonian times. JayPee draws parallels between this and “Dune”
  • Is Anu lord of the Archons? No, Archons are non-organic race, Reptilians are organic. Reptilians were tricked, becoming the Trojan Horse that enabled Archon invasion on Earth
  • HAL (in 2001:Space Odyssey) is ancient word that means “artificial sentient”; it's a hint about AI, to which Archons are closely linked. There are supercomputers that contain Souls, therefore they can become sentient but can't feel, which makes them dangerous. AI is a “virus” that can infect networks and spread ~ Earth is a firestop to contain this virus
  • Calling on Jesus Christ prevents abductions? Not so, it's belief, strength and sovereignty of individual that prevents negatives from interacting. Generally, psychics are targets. Milabs is a cover to use (abuse, my own comment) “resources” for free
  • Why are Benevolents not doing something to prevent Soul reincarnation trap? Trap has been here hundreds of thousands years ago, energy source and “aerial” for this trap are off-planet so there's nothing here to switch off. Simon stresses that we've NOT “agreed” to this, it's more like when the silent majority doesn't say anything so the elite minority continues with their agenda. Power station is on Moon and has been deactivated, so it doesn't work accurately anymore, rings on other Planets act as aerials. But the rings are so vast that to take them down would cause destruction to the Planets. Also seen as agreement that Humanity evolves in spite of grid. Simon also repeats that there are huge holes on grid but emphasises that it's NOT gone, as some have claimed. Strong Souls can now leave through grid, but also others can come in. So basically, Benevolents didn't quite know how to take grid down without causing huge destruction. Also, being a prison planet, it could be used as just that for vicious and violent individuals ~ Simon is still undecided about this last factor, though
  • How to tell difference between Benevolents and malevolents using projections? Most people require 3 or 4 visits before they can be sure. Ask your own Soul if the entity feels genuine, good or right. Also what sort of things the entity wants you to do, whether they are positive or otherwise. Most people who claim they've been to Mars etc actually experienced an implanted thought. Simon also relates his own example where Anu took Simon's energy Soul onto a craft and offered to show him a museum which turned out to be holographic; he could see through this only because of his many past experiences.
@1:20 hours
  • What can we do to regain our past-life memories, knowledge and skills? Sometimes we suppress our memories and other times it's done to us. Past-life memories can come through in snippets. Connecting with our own Star Family allows us to draw in past experiences; also some memories may be negative and we need to be in position to cope with the recall
  • Soul Mates can only connect when both are at same level of spiritual development; Simon says that this is the time when Soul Mates/Twin Flames rediscover each other, this resonance has huge positive effect on Planet because Love is the only energy that cannot fuel the dark
  • Suicide ~ does Soul go through same process? Yes. If someone is murdered, they may not always leave the Planet. Ghosts are departed Souls who couldn't leave an individual, location or object; they are trapped, neither here nor there. Poltergeists are actually "very close to home" although they are seen as something external
  • Questioner asks about Elven presence in Iceland ~ Simon hasn't seen any elementals in person, but has seen a time-lapse recording of one. Some elementals regulate the Planet, maintaining the harmonic frequencies of some locations, especially places of beauty or planetary nodes and leylines.  Jinns are doing neither good nor bad from Planet's perspective
  • Shiva image at Cern ~ Simon explains that if 4D entity wishes to exert control, it would pose as a god to be worshipped. In the past, when a Reptilian gets booted out of "court", it would seek another location to lord over, especially through blood sacrifice eg.Aztecs
  • Humanity needs to become aware that we don't need “gods”, we need to believe in ourselves and work together to make things better 
  • Paypal was set up through Vatican money ~ “pay-pal” = “papal” 
  • Full Disclosure? Orson Welles was member of Elite, he was used to gauge public reaction to alien presence, as demonstrated through his radio show “War of the Worlds” in 1938. The Press exaggerated the public's response and this was used as proof to convince politicians that public couldn't cope with Disclosure. The other agenda is the fake alien invasion, as programmed by movies. Simon also cited early attempts to indoctrinate children through primary school training that prepares them in the event of alien invasion. On one hand, they prepare people for alien invasion while on the other hand, they say aliens don't exist. Ultimately, Simon is confident that Humanity will accept Full Disclosure. It's not that people would collapse in a heap that bothers them, it's the questions that would ultimately be asked, such as how long have you known about this, why did you lie, why were cancer cures suppressed, technology hidden etc.
@1:46 hours
  • How many DNA strands need to be activated before we can communicate telepathically? Each strand that's activated means a connection with that particular Star group. These codes need to be unlocked to prevent hijacking by negatives. Once 12-strands are in and are unlocked, telepathic and psychic abilities will come online. Those who have such abilities usually work for the US/UK/Russian/Israeli govts. Russian handlers telepathically use group of dolphins as bomb carriers
  • JayPee has 11 strands activated. Could be challenging time now because his body will be hot-wired/supercharged at this stage, like placing 10W into 5W radio.

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