18 May 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 15 May 2016

Please listen to the show here.

Here are notes on some of the topics discussed on the show, text in ochre are mine. Please refer to the show for full details, there are several excellent questions asked.

  • Venezuela ~ looting and supermarkets raided, combination of oil prices and debts in USD, goods not exported to Venezuela because traders fear they won't get paid. Three (other?) South American countries teetering on edge, Canada managed to pull back because oil prices went up a bit. No MSM coverage  because it would indicate deteriorating conditions worldwide. What happens in South America may be indicator of what will happen in the Western world.
  • Elites in holding phase and biding time, Donald Trump has been "placed" in his current position and is able to utilise his own media connections, he's on course to be President if Hillary is discredited. Otherwise, she'll probably win
  • Ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson may be next PM of UK if there is no economic collapse or if collapse is managed, otherwise there'll be Labour PM
  • Things appear quiet, but it's because "they're plotting"
  • Simon's still positive but acknowledges that we're going through a turbulent patch.
@ 11:38 minutes
  • Orbs are energy presence, but orbs that create Crop Circles are mechanical, coming from off-planet positive forces. Crop Circles provide information, indicators of what's in the future as well as answers to questions posed by those who communicate with them, who include scientists. Crop Circles are like blackboards that allow two-way communication/discussion. One organisation called Team Satan (now called "The Circlemakers") conspires with negative beings who create fake circles in order to draw in spiritual people to taint them with negative energies to disrupt their aura or work. These negative beings arrive through portal accompanied by two "s" flashes, like the SS-Runen Hitler adopted
  • Simon reiterates that there's an energy war going (positive-negative)
  • At what point does one (awakened/seeker/spiritual) become a target for attack? Targets are usually Souls with important lineage or individual who are Milabs and are now awakened or have altered elite genetics; that is, if they can influence others, bring energies to bear or is seen as a traitor. So many are awakening now and the dark's resources are being stretched
  • Marduk's attendance at Nelson Mandela's "funeral" ~ strong connection exists between some African tribes and war-like Reptilians
  • Since Anu is "Dad", do any Elites worship Simon? Not "worship" but some are "intrigued". Simon has been offered "protection" from what he believes is the Knights Templar; the elites are unable of comprehending how someone like Simon does what he does
  • 65% of military are now beneficial to Humanity. Simon also recounts how the Red Arrows did a flypast for him three years ago, and something similar happened to Win Keech. This is a demonstration of support from the military.
@ 39:33 minutes
  • When Astronauts are asked to lie about moon landings, those with conscience would find this situation stressful (referring to Buzz Aldrin punching a reporter who harassed him to swear on the Bible that he was on the moon) and Buzz Aldrin is a religious man (Simon implied that he had passed on, but a quick check tells me that's he's still very much around. Perhaps he was thinking about Edgar Mitchell). Buzz knew about ETs and was prepared to speak out more (apart from just hinting) but security of his family is at stake
  • Does having Freemason in family accord one with protection or immunity? Yes they do, from small issues like speeding. This would extend to bigger issues if the individual is an asset eg. senior officer investigating child murder. A deceased member's family can still call on the protection if the individual was highly regarded
  • Question about sleep paralysis experience which left individual with bruises. Sleep paralysis can occur if Grey is in vicinity and doesn't wish to be harmed so it induces the belief that one is unable to move. Another cause is when out-of-phase Reptilian creates psychic field to "represent" it, designed to frighten the person. Simon reiterates that 80% of abductions are Milabs being given screen memories, and not alien. Milabs are transported to 4D and used by Elites for jobs they can't do themselves
  • Bookings with Simon ~ check for his email @52:20-minute mark
  • What is basis of choosing Soul Family and dimension for the first incarnation? All information is given to the Being so that they can choose whatever represents what they are and matches their need. From then on, they can choose to go up or down the dimensional ladder.
@ 56:10 minutes
  • What happens when one dies drunk? Physical body can be affected but Soul is not
  • Simon is privy to the enemy's plans and visions for the future, and what Humanity's vision could be. Humanity has been naive enough to allow themselves to be tricked repeatedly, but this is first time Humanity has gotten this far. Simon sees potentials of future timelines, but it's up to Humanity to choose which one to activate. Simon has chosen the Mantid's way (to help Humanity, as opposed to "Dad's") but he can't stop potential hijacks on his own, which is why he set up Connecting Consciousness
  • Grid is beginning to collapse now, but when it was first constructed, it was composed of energy that living entity Souls are drawn to. Sex, pain, colour and Love when mixed as energy cocktail, are hypnotic to Soul, and it's this frequency that's being employed to entrap Souls. Simon repeats his advice: every night and each morning say, "I wish to return to Source (or Star Family)". This entrains the body because upon death, the eyes close, and the Soul remembers the choice. Holographic beings will appear to draw you back for reincarnation and mind-wiped, to prevent great spiritual advancement from being made in just one generation
  • What are WE doing here then, since Earth serves as dumping ground for criminals and large proportion of population is negative? This is a beautiful Planet to experience 3D and the whole range of emotions and reasons for being here. Very many are here now to help in this transition, most of them from 4D. Many are also here to make a choice to turn around and change from negative to positive; some are also trapped here eg. in craft crashes.
@ 1:15:15 hours
  • 911 ~ shares/bonds of airline involved took a huge hit 12 hours before it happened as well as increased aircraft war exercises few days before, meaning 911 was a planned event. Also twin towers were re-insured for huge damages if both towers came down. Charges containing something similar to neutron device were planted in towers ~ this enabled steel to be destroyed. Beams from space satellite were deployed followed quickly by the detonation of the charges. Tower 7 contained CIA records. 911 was designed for financial gains and especially so for timelines, to allow elites to progress to next stage (Andrew Bartzis has said pretty much the same thing ~ the future was remotely viewed in the past, and 911 was crafted to prevent the Light from winning; however, the Light managed to insert windows of opportunity in the timeline to enable a massive awakening following 911)
  • Mossad has very strong off-planet connections and they play key roles in such disasters
  • Questioner asked about dark opaque oblong veil/shadow that he saw appearing over another person's face. Could be energy device to prevent them from being psychic (? not clear); or could be "Letter Box portal" which is used to transport technology or entity that will use that person's auric field. This is 4D and negative
  • Questioner had intimate experience with tall Grey who transformed into Reptilian then Human. Simon thinks that this is a Jinn, because if it's Reptilian, it will arrive in energy, physical form or someone familiar to the individual. Simon explains that usually these encounters happen to those who actually have some connection with the beings
  • Keshe ~ Simon is broadly supportive, but is more supportive of the healing modalities (cancer treatment, for example) rather than for energy resources
  • Veganism ~ until Humanity stops eating meat, energetically changing way of Life would be difficult.
@ 1:33:50 hours
  • "Starseed" ~ Simon doesn't recognise this term, a Soul can be an Earth Human, Human or non-Human; also terms like "Indigos" etc imply that some are "special", which denigrates those who came before them and laid the groundwork. Additionally, the Veil is thinner now, so it's much easier for this new generation. No one Soul is better than another, what matters is the choices each Soul makes (Matias Stefano has explained that this is the time of the Indigo Ray, so all children born during this time are "Indigos")
  • How to accelerate activation of DNA 12-strands? Depends on Soul attributes and Soul path
  • USA to go on silver standard, China and India on gold, some countries' currencies will have intrinsic value (like Germany's Rentenmark after WW1), most Western countries will face devaluation. Have hard cash, adequate water and food supply (for pets, too) as well as method of cooking because food chain supplies will be disrupted. Britain may face power cuts if there's bad winter with 3% undersupply, moving to 6% next year
  • JayPee and Win Keech have radio show about moving off-grid on Thursdays.

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