14 May 2016

(Updated) Dr Steven Greer and Dr Carol Rosin: Special Announcement ~ 13 May 2016

** Update: I've added comments at the end of this post **

I saw this a couple of hours ago via email ~ I have no idea what the urgent updates are about. I'm posting this here first in case anyone feels guided to find out what's happening. The broadcast will be in the wee hours my time, so I'll access the archive tomorrow.

Here's the write-up:

TODAY, FRIDAY, MAY 13 at 2 pm EST (11 am PST) USA
Dr. Greer will be on the Carol Rosin Show discussing some URGENT UPDATES that YOU need to know about!

Dr. Greer will be sharing critical information, so if you can't make the show, please check the archives as soon as they are posted.

Updated 14 May 2016:
I have respected and acknowledged Dr Greer's efforts towards Disclosure over the years ~ he is, after all, one of the leading pioneers in this movement, having successfully garnered many key witnesses and whistleblowers with muscle to lend validation.

However, there is an aspect of his work that I've long felt required more "exposure" on his part. I view it as the symptomatic compartmentalisation that is so prevalent in almost all the information that's been shared. Additionally, the situation is so extremely vast and complex, with twists and knots that have been intentionally built in to make it even more inaccessible or near-impossible to follow any one thread ~ perspectives can greatly differ, even if they encompass more truth than deception.

What I'm talking about is that Dr Greer has always insisted that there are no hostile ET races, and that the Star Wars meme is largely disinfo. The "bad guy" role is played by the Cabal, and the Cabal only. It starts and ends with them. This is no different from many awakened people who also share this same belief, while on the other side of the same pole we have just as many who believe that all ET races are negative.

Dr Greer has long been mindful of Dr Wernher Von Braun's warning to Dr Carol Rosin about the Cabal using an Alien Invasion false flag as the final means to completely control the world. Of course, this threat may still be on the cards as Simon Parkes has previously said, although Cobra (I think) has assured us that if they carry this out, they will be stopped. Greer's way of negating the impact of this threat is to inform people that there is no negative ET race "out there" and therefore there is no real threat a la "Independence Day" and therefore if the Cabal rolls this out, we should be aware of their diabolical intention.

Nevertheless, Dr Greer's concern about the hoax isn't misplaced. This plan does exist and his efforts to convince the public about the deception is commendable.

Greer also talks about the Spiritual Awakening that's taking place now and the advanced technologies that we can utilise to help transform our Planet, heal and enhance our lives. He believes that we have the power to make massive change, and that Disclosure is to be driven by the public. To this end, a planned public appearance by celebrities will be held early 2017 to help further this cause.

He also expands the objective and basis of his upcoming project "Unacknowledged", the name of which is taken from Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAP)/Black Projects.

I look forward to the day when ALL truths are finally revealed and ALL dots are connected, and we can ALL then see the Big Picture.

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