27 May 2016

Galactic Historian On End Of Time, Archons, & Healing ~ Awake Peace ~ 26 July 2014

 ** Text: You are more powerful than you know
and they fear the day you discover it **

I appreciate these little snippets, thank you to Awake Peace :)

I don't know the source of this interview, but this excerpt has information that I feel is a timely reminder for us. It's easy (for me, at least) to forget what is heard over time, and through the grind and worldly distractions of daily living, our view of the Big Picture begins to shrink. This is why I like to go through things now and then, linking to other sources and connecting dots to widen the focus.

If you're quite familiar with Andrew Bartzis, you will note that the information isn't new. But as I've said, it's a good reminder that what's happening now is beyond our normal frame of comprehension, extending all the way back eons of time ago. And the most important thing for us to be constantly aware of is that we are getting there.

The following is a gist of what Andrew said in this clip, which you can listen to here.

"This is the last time" that we're doing this. There is a multidimensional end-date that was created at the beginning; similarly, we've already created the end, and we create the beginning simultaneously. The end going in reverse and the beginning going forward. They meet somewhere in between at a Past/Present/Future in Unity Consciousness so that Earth can begin expressing what has been karmically resolved at a Universal scale.

The whole of the Galactic Ascension machine with the 66 Planets inside is to resolve karma created through timeline genocides since 54 millions years ago. This time, the Galactic Ascension plan will not fail.

Prime Creator's audit on 23 March 2013, the influx of 700 million walk-ins to replace spiritual commerce market, Archons not allowed to use their targeting technology or else more walk-ins will enter and replace their infrastructure. That's why the compression field in Astral is so detrimental to them; they can no longer import psychic parasites from there (the "good" ones have been removed from Solar System) and are forced to harvest them from here.

Healing is a choice you make to be in perfect, radiant blueprint of health based on DNA expression in full awareness. How one manifests that is through personal belief and choice.

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