11 May 2016

Integrating Who We Are ~ Kara Schallock ~ 10 May 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are moving more strongly into integrating our New Selves; we are embodying a whole new way of being. Life experiences are new and different and if we attempt to act in the old ways of controlling, planning and are inflexible, things just do not work out. The New is about being flexible and flowing. Things are not linear; they ebb and flow. Integrating our New Selves is how we flow with life’s changes now. And this takes being in the Moment and feeling what to do or not do. This Flow helps us embody our Soul more. In the old, we thought of ourselves as separate and just pushed our way through everything. Soul does push or control; it simply is. Being centered in the current moment is the only we can truly feel what we are guided to do. In the old, we gave our Power away to those who told us what to do. In the New, we know what to do; especially as we become more and more Soul-merged.

The Soul and all high dimensional beings do not tell us what to do or how to be, for our Free Will is respected. We are sovereign beings and must make our own decisions. Being Soul-merged, we know what to do or not do, because we feel it…if we are aware. When an old way of doing something arises, we then can let it go or choose to do it or be still till we feel it’s aligned with all of our being.

In the old, you kept busy. Your busy-ness kept/keeps you from feeling the Truth; kept you from the Truth of you. When you are in your head, you can’t feel the New. The New is absolutely the opposite. We are asked to drop our busy-ness and constant thinking. As we transition more into the New, this shift may feel very alien and in your Beingness and Stillness there may be guilt (that you’re not doing enough) and there may be depression; a sense that you’re not productive or constantly moving and thinking. You may not know how to Be. It takes a while to adjust to your New Beingness, so be patient with yourself. Do not go back to the old, which is where you might feel comfortable, and continue being New, even while it may feel strange. At some point, it won’t feel strange at all and you may wonder why you delayed this shift at all. It is so much smoother and easier in the New. You may also feel a bit lost; yet all of these may be released as you move ever closer to being New. It actually amazes me how anyone can work for an old 3D organization, while experiencing these energies. It can be a challenge to be with others, who are choosing not to wake up as well. Do the best you can and be who you are, without the old desire to dim your Light in order to fit in.

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