22 May 2016

MH 17 and MH 370 ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 19 July 2014

Another plane crash, another situation where there are far more questions than answers available, and even less sense to go around. Whatever the circumstance, be it false flag or not, my condolences go to the family members and loved ones left behind.

This recent incident made me think of MH 370 and MH 17. I still hold the intention for MH 370 to be a potential lead-in for Disclosure, and I still think about what Cobra revealed in his recent Switzerland Ascension conference, via the "unofficial notes" (posted here). The notes say that MH 370 is now on a certain island ~ I'm assuming that it has been successfully brought back to this dimension/reality. For the record, and from what Cobra has reported about MH 370, I don't think he subscribes to the "different dimension/reality" perspective. In an update in April 2014, Cobra writes:

Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds:

Cobra has mentioned that the notes are not completely accurate, but I'm assuming that what the notes said about MH 370 is at least correct. I would have appreciated more details, though.

This recent EgyptAir 804 tragedy made me check my own blog for something that Andrew Bartzis reported a couple of years ago ~ the link between MH 370 and MH 17. I was surprised when I couldn't locate it, I was so sure I had posted it.

So I'm posting this now, with a two-year delay. Here's Andrew reporting about the two planes. He reiterates that MH 370 is stuck between two realities, and that MH 17 was shot down to divert focus away from MH 370. The attention that was being generated by MH 370 (via Google search) was getting so intense that the elites were afraid of the truth coming out. So when MH 17 was shot down, that created a fresh news item and as long as it's in the mainstream news, they had control.

I also need to mention that Alkesh from Galactis has also reported the same scenario for MH 370 as Andrew.

Here for this very short clip.

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