10 May 2016

Nature of The Event ~ Andrew Bartzis and Chris Hales

I can't be absolutely sure, but if memory serves, this is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Chris Hales a couple of years ago. I'm thinking this might be the one:

Walking With Energy: Andrew Bartzis ~ Galactic History and Future

From the perspective of a Galactic Historian, Andrew describes what The Event means in terms of consciousness and energies, and their ensuing effects, as our Planet makes her way through the less dense part of Space (Photon Belt). He describes the "markers" that would herald The Event, DNA activations, effects on the various grids. Andrew also reveals that Cern's secondary function is to keep the energies low as we go through this higher frequency band in Space.

Please listen to the excerpt here for more; it's just 13-minutes in length.

Then please continue here with "The Four Phases of The Event".  A summary is provided in the description but I do not know the source of this interview. Andrew has, however, consistently listed the same four phases in the various interviews that I've heard.

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