02 May 2016

NEW Earth, Ascension, Completion Phases/Waves and Get Ready for MORE of Everything... Bigger Than Before... ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 25 April 2016

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Aloha Beautiful Light Family!

Okay, there's lots going on.... Yesterday we had a huge balancing out of magnetics within the physical body, which tends to cause the body to feel heavy/weighted (gravity polarization), the lymphatic system can go haywire, feeling drained and energized all at the same time, as can everything else for "functioning" when we are upgrading to WALK in more higher dimensional realm frequency bandwidths here.

The magnitude of this process is beyond huge. It encompasses absolutely everything with each of our realities, physical, mental, emotional and what physical realities play out, how we exist, our relationships, tangible abundance and every reality that occurs.

We've been speaking of years of "this time" that we are in, many working diligently to hold light, release old programs and become multi-dimensional beings intentionally and consciously, by REMEMBERING fully....

This is an entire evolution back into a whole new Galactic Species here. The recent collapse of the magnetosphere, just a small symbol of what is to come, yet this is greatly misunderstood, unless one can see from all expanded dimensions on how this process actually works. This is an organic natural evolving, according to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT.... everything of lower consciousness (asleep) will dissolve, collapse, be obliterated or transformed... BACK INTO TO LIGHT....

Please read on....

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