19 May 2016

(Reposted with Updates) Ever Beyond with Jim Nichols, Simon Parkes, Win Keech, Tolec and JayPee ~ 15 May 2016

** Updated with some brief comments **

I just saw this and haven't yet listened as I'm working on something else at the moment. I may add some notes if the situation warrants it.

Head over to JayPee's video to listen to this show, which is just under two hours in length. The description mysteriously says:

"Some deeper insights into the Pleiadian situation."

Update: 19 May 2016
If you have the time and are  interested in the exopolitical nature of what's happening (or has happened, for that matter) and if you haven't yet listened, then this discussion may be right up your alley. I had to listen over a couple of days in several "sections".

My brief and sketchy notes follow, as usual please listen to the show for all the details. What is very encouraging about this discussion is that Simon's and Tolec's sources generally present the same story, albeit from different perspectives. Together with Win, they all confirm that, in spite of the innumerable negative things that are being thrown at the Planet and Humanity, we are on a positive timeline and we are receiving much off-Planet assistance.
  • Aldebaran / Pleiadian splinter group that used the Vril/Thule as a Trojan Horse to come in, then went back into the past so that they could insert themselves into Humanity's timeline 5000 years ago.  (This is also what Andrew Bartzis has repeatedly said in his earlier videos, when he recounted our Galactic history. Several races have done this through timeline manipulation in order to jostle for the position of being the "first" race on Earth. He also mentions that the Ascension timeline is the solution to reset all these manipulated timelines that go back eons of time.)
  • Political fighting of negative groups, with Dracos seeing this Planet as belonging to them
  • First time Positive Forces banding together to prevent AI threat from engulfing the Galaxy ~ Earth is fire-break
  • Win also mentions this reset ~ this has also been covered in some details by EM and Blue Solara; this is a Cosmic reset that will affect ALL of Creation in our Universe
  • The negatives were presented with choice of self-termination, reprogramming (Soul reset?) or banishment to remote corner of Universe. Top echelon chose the first option
  • Simon stresses that when former foes put aside the past and start embracing a new way, this sends transformational waves across Creation
  • "Battle is changing", it's turning for the better
  • Power vacuum now exists among elites ~ Humanity must choose future or it will be chosen for them
  • Fracking ~ impacts consciousness of water
  • Schumann Resonance to continue rising ~ frequencies help in awakening Humanity
  • Hadron colliders require the Planet's energies in order to properly function, which is why it's underground; Simon has previously mentioned that the main purpose is to create backdoor portal to bring in reinforcements as other portals are now guarded by Positives, and to break Humanity's connection to Source. Simon also stresses that Cern no longer poses a serious threat (as Cobra has also assured). Win says that this is because they've missed the window because the Planet's energetic frequencies and alignment are no longer compatible. Tolec also adds that we're now in a highly magnetic and energies are therefore more unpredictable part of Space. Mother Gaia herself "played a hand" when storms unleashed over the power stations of Cern
  • Mother Gaia also resisting AI threat.

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