02 May 2016

Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 1 May 2016

This is, to me, a very significant update from Cobra. He explains that the flow of intel was basically controlled and limited by the Chimera. This update also explains the sometimes-conflicting updates we get from various sources and it certainly clears up a few "huh?"s for me when I come across information that doesn't seem to gel. While it was clear that the intel we get is definitely compartmentalised (some sources have also alluded to this), that it's Chimera-controlled is definitely news to me.

I'm also super-glad that a connection has been established by the Light Forces with the SSPs. I'll leave it at that.

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Until now, the Chimera was controlling the flow of intel and communication between various factions inside our Solar System, threatening to activate strangelet and toplet bomb if information blockade would not be respected by all factions. This is how intel was compartmentalized.

Now this information barrier is slowly dissolving, various factions are beginning to communicate. The Pleiadians and other races belonging to Galactic Confederation are beginning to contact personnel in Chimera-controlled secret space programs (SSP) factions.

The Galactic Codex has been recently introduced to SSP factions in our Solar System and to many Earth subterranean factions as well. Galactic Codex is known and accepted quite universally among most of the positive races throughout the Galaxy. SSP factions are being educated right now but there is much resistance.

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