24 May 2016

Source, Neutral Love, 4th option The 8th Color, 18th Universe, Void Space ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 17 March 2016

I've always had a problem with the concept that one extreme is "needed" in order to experience or become aware of its polar opposite, and therefore the justification that the spiritual path must be littered with negatives in order that we learn the positives. In this short audio clip, Andrew Bartzis explains that there is a "4th Option" for co-creation that we are evolving towards ~ one that doesn't require either polarity or duality. It made me go "Ahhhh.....".... music to my ears and made perfect sense. This is coming "even if you're not ready."

Some very nice information presented here, especially about Source and Creation. Also the update about the original 15 Multi-dimensional Beings, now down to 6.

Here for the video. This is the accompanying description:

Neutral Love: Neutral Love Is Not The Love Of A Mother And Father It Is A Love Of Source. Source Is Love In Many Different Forms Of Perception.

4th Option 8th Color: When One Is Ready To Choose A Option That Doesn’t Use Polarity As The Co Creative Process Of Evolution The 4th Option Will Be Created When Humanity Goes Through Our DNA Crystallization

Beings That Come Into This Reality With A Totally Different Source Expression Of How They Live. They Will No Longer Use Karma As A Means Of Energy Or Spiritual Exchange And Learning. We Create A Whole New Frequency That Does Use Polarity As The Exchange Of Knowledge And Wisdom For The Evolution Of Souls.

There Is An Unlimited Amount Of Space Here. This Is The Only Planet In This Universe That Has 100% Unlimited Space For Every Single Being Here. Its What Creates The 8th Color Frequency So We Can Experience It Enough So We Can Create It On Another World.

The 4th Option Is Where A Soul Will Have No Soul Contracts. Once You Are A 4th Option Being, You Are Not Limited By Any Of The Previous Rules That Existed In The Last 48 Billion Years Of This Universe.

We Will Create A Brand New Sex For The Species That No Longer Uses Direct Insemination Technology. It Is Direct Incarnation Through The Heart That Manifest A Frequency Of Light Between Two Beings That Are In Love And Then That Frequency Of Light Will Literately Manifest Into The Imprint DNA Baby.

Separation Of Densities: When Dark Beings Come And Do All Of This Crappy Shit And We Get Pissed Off Enough To Start Changing And Manifesting In Such Big Ways That Their Systems Fall Apart Because They Can No Longer Process Us. Because We Can Out Create Them Or Uncreate Them

18th Universe:

An 18th Universe Will Be Created When We As A Human Species Goes Through Our Awakenings So Those That Don’t Want To Live By Our New Universal Rules Will Have Another Option To Go The 18th Universe And Create There.

An 18th Universe Is Something For All The Beings Of Domination And Control And The Power Of Supporting Oblivion. All Of Those Satanic Forces That Believe In Oblivion’s Power, All Of The Systems Of War That Use False Light Technology. Its Basically All Of The Rebels That Are Trying To Erase Our Universe And Instill Themselves As A Universal Being Are Told, You Can No Longer Do That Here And You Have A Choice. To Go And Create An 18th Universe Or Go Into Some Other Universal Expression Because We (Humanity) Are Not Going To Allow Them To Destroy Our Process Because Of Their Selfishness Or Self Belief

Our Universe Will No Longer Use The System Of Domination And Control. We Will No Longer Use Karma As Debt Exchange. Whole New Streams Of Consciousness Are Going To Follow A Whole New Set Of Rules. And We Are Going To Be A Focal Point That Spreads It Out To This Galaxy And Many Other Galaxies. And Thus A Network Of Teachers, Trainers, And Healers, And New Mystics Will Be Traveling The Great Multiverse Teaching People About 8th Color Time. Teaching People About Source Concentrated Incarnate In The Temporal Now

Humanity Is Saying Not Here Anymore :) Problem:

No One Has Created The 4th Option And Manifested It In This Reality Long Enough For It To Leave An Imprint. Solution: Heal Yourself. If Your Healed, You Change The Total Potential Of The Planet. Raise You Vibration, Self Healing, Self Nurturing, Sourcing Your Own Happiness. Finding A Ritualized And Ceremonial Way To Protect Yourself From The Fabric Rules Of This Reality Until Were Ready To Out Create Them

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