09 May 2016



Thankfully, this currently (no pun intended) 27-hour geomagnetic "treatment" did not cause overly-severe effects, the most debilitating being interrupted sleep at night, and the strong impulse to nap during the day. This isn't to say that it was a fairly weak energy tranche; on the contrary, it was very powerful indeed. I believe that it's because the energies, although increasing in intensity, also has new frequencies added, which I find quite nurturing ~ I have mentioned this before in an earlier update, so they have been around for a few weeks now.

Having said all that, please also remember that we are still receiving the various tranches of energies independently of our Sun's activity, and that we shouldn't equate inactivity with "nothing happening". This is a very complex delivery system (if I can call it that!) and there's more than meets the eye, and I wouldn't for a nanosecond pretend I understand everything :)

And oh, in case you haven't yet noticed....the tagline at the Tesis site says:
"Sol Lucet Omnibus" which in English is "The Sun Shines For Everyone"....

How brilliant is that?

Sending Love and Gratitude back to our Sun! And oh, speaking of "sun shining".....

Namaste, everyone!!

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