20 May 2016

The Event ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 19 May 2016

Enchanted Isle ~ Daniel B Holeman
Andrew Bartzis describes The Event, from the perspective of a Galactic Historian ~ he has outlined these "sub-events" many times in various interviews. He also summarises the pivotal role of Humanity's Ascension and how it plays an integral role in the Cosmic scheme of things. I'm copying the whole post here. You'd probably remember that I posted something that referred to a video clip of Andrew talking about "The Four Phases of The Event" (here) not too long ago.

I'll take the opportunity to briefly state that the name of my blog, The Earth Plan, is related to this process :)

Source: Galactic Historian

A Multidimensional Dream Time based Event

1. Children sharing Dreams
2. Adults sharing Deja Vu
3. Hardcore Religious People breaking down from Religion because of its falseness

4. Energetic Air Cities from the Past that were locked out because of Time Line Genocide Wars will begin taking place In The North Pole and the South Pole.

And people will be able to litteraly physically be able to project themselves up to these points by remote viewing, Remote Interpretation, or Remote Experiencing.

And then begin the Ambassadorial process of understand who is Soul Family and who is Not.

By learning what is the Truth by the Akashic Record.

By understanding that many sides have many different perspectives, and for us as the Graduating Timeline, we have to understand there are 1000’s of Planets where their Graduation and Ascension is held up because of ours because there are people that are stuck here.

They cannot Graduate simply because they do not have the fundamental pieces to Graduate.

We are those Fundamental Pieces and we are going to be the Healing for those Other Worlds.

-Andrew Bartzis

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