24 May 2016

The Event: Part 5 ~ A QHHT Session with Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head ~ 22 May 2016

Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head continue with Part 5 of their The Event QHHT session, after a hiatus of almost 2 years.

Part 5 tells us that The Event will be a much more gradual process, with the "main event" being a tipping point where people will start understanding Who They Really Are, which has been hidden from us for a very, very long time. Changes at DNA level now already in progress.

These 12 - 24 months that we're in right now will be when "everything changes", and this cannot be postponed or derailed.

There's a wave of Light approaching us, which left the centre of the Galaxy a long time ago. When it arrives, it will bring change, information, Consciousness and acceleration.

For more, please listen to the session. Suzanne's message is at TAUK  Messages; you can also find the video there. I should mention that much of the information about The Event and its related processes that is being brought forth in this session has been covered by other sources, especially those who are focussing on the specific subjects of The Event and the Ascension process.

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