30 May 2016

The Golden Ray: 8th Ray of Expression ~ Galactic Historian Team ~ 28 May 2016

Source: Galactic Historian

The Golden Ray is the 8th Ray of expression of the Human experience and is Now here for us ready to be integrated!

Integration takes place through dreams,visions and imagination!

Invite the GOLDEN Ray to transform your 3D/4D body into the GOLDEN-SUN body with ease and grace.

-Inhale GOLD,cover up entire body,entire organs,cells and molecules with the Golden Color of higher protection,neutrality and joy.

-Exhale Gold into your aura and environment.

Thank you Golden Ray for your co-integration and transmutation work!
~ GH Team

"I close my eyes and see a field of Light, and I feel that Light and life in every cell of my body, nurturing and healing every cell.

And I know that Light, and Life, and Love, is who and what I am, now and forever."
~ Marc Allen

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