04 May 2016

Unity Meditations Each Wednesday in May: Explanation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 3 May 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The energies have shifted yet again, growing more intense for many. There has been a consistent request by our Higher Teams to unify our consciousness – in an active, present way – to create stability as the incoming light grows increasing stronger. In brief, we are using the cosmic alignments throughout May to receive some very strong frequencies which push the envelope for our evolution and advancement.

Why are they requesting this now?

Rather than dwell on what they are doing to the body, the focus goes to consciousness itself. This is a month of redesign, reevaluation, and recreating ourselves in alignment with everything we have learned from a year of cave time. As we inventory our own process, revisit our practices and comfort ourselves with spiritual empowerment, the Higher Realms are telling us to unify in this light in order to stabilize the collective consciousness and assist it to receiving the greatest possible acceleration.

Fortunately there are enough of us who know how to be present in Unconditional Divine Love, Divine Neutrality, and expand our energy fields to call in light. There is great power in collective triggers – those passages when several souls enter the peace, the stillness, at the same moment in order to open channels for our Higher Realms to take command. We provide three opportunities each Wednesday in May to create collective triggers and assist the calling forth of the highest Ascension timelines as a collective. If you are available, we ask that you join us.

There have been reports of spontaneous healings, activations and a deep sense of peace during the meditations. Gatekeepers are holding the doorways open during these passages in order to assist your Ascension.

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