07 May 2016

Weekly Event Meditation Reminder: Specially for Mother Gaia!

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Image Source: Gaia Green Holdings

** Text:  FOR MOTHER GAIA...
On this day, where the world officially honours Mothers on a commercial basis,
we honour the beautiful Great Mother who sustains and nurtures all Life in and upon her unique biosphere, her stunning diversity, silent mysteries,
all that she's been through, and the enigmatic unfolding of her Ascension process.

With much Love, deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude. **

Look at the opportunity we have tomorrow ~ Mother's Day ~ to contribute positively to Mother Gaia!! The image above was from my Mother's Day post last year, and I thought I'd use it again :)

For tomorrow's meditation, I have a couple of suggestions for those with a Cintamani to consider. They take into account the Syrian situation and the meditation initiated by Untwine last week ~ no harm including it in our Event meditation.

In addition to the Halafian pottery visualisation, perhaps you could also place a Cintamani etherically in each of the star point, as illustrated in the image below (used by Untwine) and intend that they form a strong energetic field that transmutes the negative energies. Or whatever you are guided to do :)  In fact, even those without a Cintamani can do this, if you feel it's right for you!

The second suggestion is to connect with your Cintamani and call upon the associated Light Beings to please assist our efforts with their energies and add to the intensity of the meditation. I suggest this based on what EM and Blue Solara explained about the Cintamani (please read the article here). Also please consider connecting your Cintamani to all the other Cintamani, with the intention of forming and activating a powerful grid of Light and Divine energies.

Thank you for participating! Let's make this meditation a special one for Mother Gaia and her Human Race. Namaste!

Details at the Weekly Event Meditation site,  countdown clock at Cobra's site here.

** Update: Or just visit Prepare For Change where they have a wide range of options, and countdown clock as well! **

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