19 June 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's June 2016 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible


As we enter June, we are spread out on a spectrum of very different types of experiences. We may be experiencing one or more of these types of experiences, all at the same time. Our May infusions of the New Reality have irrevocably altered us. Now we are all experiencing exactly what is most needed. In our own unique ways, we are all under construction while cleaning out the conduits of our old lives so the fresh new water of the New Reality can flow through them without hindrance.

After this phase of being spread out is complete, we will all converge again. Those who have been releasing the past will leap into their True Lives with enthusiasm, unhindered by any fears of change. Those who have been dissolving their beings will bring back with them a heightened awareness of the New Reality that can be shared with all. Those who are surfing the massive creative surge will birth much beauty which will inspire us all.

May felt like it was the real beginning of the year. It was when our internal compass suddenly changed direction. Now in June, we have to reposition our beings into our True Direction. We are in the midst of relocating and shifting until everything feels right. June is going to be a very interesting month as it will help clarify where we are going from here. It will reveal new paths, new information, new people as we continue to expand our beings into the New Reality. June is a month where anything and everything can happen.

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