12 June 2016

Ascension Conference Notes: Pt 3 ~ Glarus, Switzerland ~ April 16-17, 2016

Daniel B Holeman
Source: The Event Reference

The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis.

Transcript by Antares from Transinformation, Translation by Kleines Sandkorn, edited by Nova and Cobra

Original Post (in German): http://trans-information.net/der-kelch-des-lichtes/

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Isis on Saturday, 16th April

Isis led us through the following subjects. I have tried to write down as many of her words and formulations as I could to bring the energy of the experience as much as possible to you. Indeed, I hope that this wonderful energy that we all have experienced shall reach you. The energy work during the conferences keeps a major role for the whole process of our transformation. Meditation and mantras in such a big group radiate a deep powerful energy. I did not mention all of them in my text. Antares


Isis Astara:

If I open the door for the light, I AM the Chalice of Light; with my body, soul and spirit. Our physical body limits us to the realm of space and time. The truth is we are multidimensional beings of Divine Light. The more consciousness we have, the more light is flowing through our bodies, so we grow and grow until we ARE the Temple of Light.

To recognize our bodies as Temples of Light first we let go of attributes that limit us in doing so. While we learn to let go of such, we begin to see our bodies with new eyes. Many terms we used in duality served as a tool to orientate ourselves, as for example “masculine“ and “feminine“. To experience us in our bodies we realized ourselves as feminine/masculine.

Our bodies were created for our soul to enter into the physical world. We are Divine Sparks of Light and this light fills every of our cells. With our expanded view we now can recalibrate our attitude towards our bodies.

The chalice symbolizes the Divine Feminine, our body here on Earth being a portal between dimensions. We have been created as women/men and we now can both be a chalice of the Divine Feminine through our feminine qualities.

The birth of life occurs through this chalice.

New life as we know it begins in the womb as a spiral. The feminine body indeed is able to channel through itself life from another dimension to come here into the physical. Within the sacred geometry we see this process as the Vesica [image above]. This, for very good reasons, is considered and indicated as the miracle of life. It is an indispensable important task for women to learn to give themselves acknowledgement for this, as they are a channel to give life. For men it is essential too, equally, to dive into what that really means; to understand, appreciate and to truly support women.

Especially now in the time of the Return of the Goddess it is crucial to bring the Divine Feminine energy into appropriate cosmic flow also in the masculine body. It must be there allowance for the feminine consciousness – inside of the feminine and masculine bodies. The energy wants to go through it, we both are the “mothers“ that gave birth to the New Golden Age by channeling the Divine Feminine energy.

Let us just start by honoring and respecting the Divine Feminine energy in everyone of us. As soon as this happens, the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine begin to move and old outdated patterns of both are being healed. Strong Divine Masculine Energy needs strong Divine Feminine Energy and the other way around. We learn to know how and why we need each other to come into balance.

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