16 June 2016

Ascension Conference Notes Pt 4 – Glarus, Switzerland – April 16-17, 2016 - Nova Biscotti - 15 June 2016


I'm on the move, but I feel that it's beneficial for us to know / be reminded of the contents of this part of the Ascension Conference notes. I recommend this even if you don't normally follow Cobra"s work. I'll just post the link and "pretty" it up when I get the chance.

Many thanks to all involved for their efforts in coming out with these notes.

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Source: The Event Reference

The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis.

Notes taken by Antares during the conference,translation Annadora Claire, edited by Nova Biscotti and Cobra

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Cobra on Sunday, April 17th

We are now entering a critical moment, the moment of the final decision. The most important decisions for the fate of humanity are being taken at a greatly accelerated pace, particularly since mid-March. Cobra says he does not know how long this final period of decision will last, both with regard to our personal lives as well as on the political level and the overall situation of the solar system. It all becomes visible everywhere. In other words, our personal lives mirror the global situation. Everything that now happens in our personal lives determines what develops in the greater time frame and reflects the global situation. Nothing “just happens”. Everything reflects massively upon all and everything. Even the smallest victory on the planet brings with it a strong resonance in the galaxy, even though from the viewpoint of the GCS (Galactic Central Sun) we are only a small point of blocked energy.  Whatever happens here now has an enormous influence upon the major part of the galactic races and affects the fate of all beings.  The Ascended Beings cannot move forward until the situation upon Earth has been resolved.  Buddha vowed to remain here until the earth has been set free.

The situation on Earth has blocked the entire evolution, which is why we are receiving the attention of so many races.

Motherships of thousands of races are present within the Oort Cloud, all focusing their attention upon this small planet.  This is a huge moment of cosmic development, not something local.

As of March the decisions are being made.

Therefore it is most important to use our I AM Presence in order to apply our Free Will for this fateful decision. The evil controlling forces will do absolutely everything to block our Free Will. We must learn to stand above that.  Any situation can only be maintained for just so long and then it must end. This now applies to the quarantine. Thus, the truth can only be repressed for a certain amount of time.

Currently the controlling Forces must exert unimaginable amounts of energy in order to manipulate the truth. They spend billions of dollars to repress any and all information regarding extraterrestrial life. All this is energy being used against the very creation, and this in itself limits the timeframe of these actions.

We are all witnessing limited Disclosures. A renaissance of space travel is taking place, including private initiatives for space vehicles, projects for Moon and Mars as well as explorational vehicles for the solar system. All this is on the boiler and will soon boil over.  In a few years, we shall see space vehicles flying around as a matter of course.  In 5-10 years time, space travel will be as normal as airplane travel is now.  Just last week alone, two new propulsion systems were being introduced.  In the beginning of the technological development, it took about a half a year to get to Mars, later on it took 3 weeks. The SSP only take 15 minutes to Mars and to reach the Pleiades through a portal/wormhole takes 15 seconds.

Even traditional space travel will lead to extraterrestrial contact and in this manner the Dark Forces will lose their control over the quarantine one way or the other. The progress of contact cannot be stopped anymore, no matter how much the Dark Forces attempt to delay Disclosure for their purposes. Hillary Clinton has just announced disclosures regarding Area 51.

But they are planning once more to distort the disclosures. The Cabal would like to blame the responsibility for the current situation on the Dracos, taking on the role of “victim”.  For this purpose the Cabal has devised various plans, which however – according to Cobra – will not be successful. Every truth that is revealed will lead to the next one.

Since the Cabal attempted to use the “Panama Papers” to accuse Putin, Putin is now publishing something truthful about the Rothschilds.  Without this triggering he would not have done so.  By distorting the disclosures they are actually helping us all. Certain people will continue to publish important information when the time is ripe. There are various reasons why this is taking so long.  The Cabal are dangerous psychopaths.

Disclosure will also show how ships are landing.

  • What will happen to humans who are now living off-planet?  Will they also be allowed to ascend? – Up to now they have been living in deep isolation.  They have been brain-washed very specifically.  The Light forces could not reach them. The Chimera hide the SSPs from the RM, the Light Forces and the Pleiadians. Just now the situation is improving very slowly and some certain topics can be disclosed. There also the disclosures are being heavily distorted.  Those people in the SSPs have truly been given completely different information than we here. They have been told the Earth has been destroyed by nuclear war and that they are the only survivors.  This is their reality. They live in underground bases and in mines. They know and believe only this information. RM could not so far reach them and thus it is a mixed situation.
  • If thousands of positive races are here in the solar system and are focusing on our planet…..  why have they come?  Because of the octopus? – They all had different reasons. Some came to direct healing energies, others in order to dissolve the octopus. The people know nothing about their work and the concrete support they are providing. Some are attempting to build us up through telepathic communication.  Unfortunately there are only few receivers for this. Most people are not trained for this kind of communication. True telepathic contact can only be achieved after years of training, not simply after a weekend seminar. There are particular protocols that must be observed. This is truly a great problem. (Cobra encourages us to attend trainings for true telepathic communication.)
  • Who are the Chimera? – They come from the Galaxy of Andromeda, where there are numerous races. They are not the ones usually referred to as Andromedans. The Chimera are humanoid. Their energy field is quite distorted. You might call them the most Fallen Archangels within the anomaly. They entered into close contact with the Nazis in the 1930´s. They are now the main problem in the Solar System. All this must be cleared up BEFORE THE EVENT, otherwise we would have to expect an invasion during the Event and this would not make much sense. It simply MUST be cleared up PRIOR to the Event. After the Event our view of the sky shall be clear in every sense of the word. Yes, the Chimera are physical beings.
  • Energetically, what will happen during the Event? – Duality will begin to dissolve. Duality with its polarity positive and negative in the sense of good and bad is an artificial creation of the Archons. In nature it does not exist in this form.  There, positive and negative have a neutral meaning. Polarity is not good or bad. This interaction as it rules here as duality is just a creation. You may understand it then as the dissolution of the “evil” pole of polarity. Its source is now located within the realm of plasma.  When the plasma is healed all else will heal.
  • Must we expect an invasion here in Europe? – No.  The situation there will not be expanded.  An infiltration of the true refugees did take place. The invaders are being observed by the Light Forces.  99.9% of their actions are being blocked and cannot take place anymore.  There is no cause for worry.  The Dark Forces are doing their best within their power to create panic.  They want people to be worried and to let them be pulled into religious conflicts.  They shall not succeed.
  • After the Event, what will happen to the religions? – There will be a great exhaling.  (Cobra pauses and there is laughter in the hall.) People begin to understand the depth of the control and manipulation. Today´s Christianity was created in 325 at the Council of Nicaea under Constantine the Great by his Archbishop Eusebius of Caesarea, and all of Jesus´ teachings were distorted and falsified. The love and forgiveness in His message bear no relation to crusades and the burning of witches by the Catholic Church. It is an entirely different message. And the same thing has occurred within all of the religions. They begin with a Being with a deep message, which becomes distorted as soon as this Being is no longer present. Later on, a cult was then made of it and centuries later followed propaganda and the great programming machinery. Within the Vatican there is a “Propaganda Museum” where visitors are sorted out by brain types to be shown different things.  All this must be changed immediately after the Event. The Seeds of Truth shall grow like flowers and it shall become clear that the same Divine Truth underlies all.

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