26 June 2016

Blue Transmissions ~ Mission Ignition ~ Repost

I've been feeling the guidance to repost these two sets of transmissions. Perhaps it's because the 2017 marker is coming up?..... Reminder ~ one blink of an eye = 1 year.

Blue Lament for Humanity

Ascension Chronicles


  1. The ascension Transmissions are very odd. They speak of us being blue human archons and of the Archangels as the enemy? Not sure what to make of it, but I will not be visiting their sites in the future.

    As always, thank you for taking the time to share. Much appreciated!

    Many Blessings...

    1. Hi ShaunieL,

      I believe that our individual interpretation will differ, and that wasn't how I interpreted it. Thank you and Blessings :)

    2. I wasn't going to write more because I don't wish to influence anyone, but I will say this....think "Bible".

    3. Well, I got a definite hit of 'this is not something I feel I should read' but I would very be interested to hear your interpretation of it.

      Many Blessings...

    4. Hmmm... never been attracted to the bible, there are too many distortions of the original truths. Not worth it to me to wade through it for what few gems there are to be gleaned from all the slag. But, thanks for the suggestion anyway.

      As Always - Many Blessings...

    5. Following your own inner guidance, as you've done, is always the best option, in my opinion :) Please remember that I always say to take what works and leave the rest. I'm in no position to pronounce what's "truth" and what's not, I can only take my own advice, to take what works and leave the rest.

      I share your view about the Bible, which is why I offered that as a pointer ~ not to glean gems, but to know that they contain much distortion. My suggestion is that perhaps the beings identified as AA Michael and Gabriel in the Bible weren't really them at all, and the religious rhetoric attributed to them is false.

      The main point of these transmissions isn't in the details. It's the overriding message that there is a Divine Plan at play to reset what's been done:

      "And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.
      In the flash of a moment ... All that is Done will be Undone."

      At the end of the day, we must do our inner work and walk our own path. It's best not to get too distracted by external sources of information, whether authentic or otherwise.

      Blessings :)