14 June 2016

Cloud Cities and the Energetic Punctures of War: A QHHT Session with Laron and Linda ~ 13 June 2016

Evgeniy Isaev
Source: Transients

In early May I visited my friend Linda in Texas. I conducted this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (past life regression) session with her during the time I was there. Because of the important information that came up, we decided it would be beneficial to share it with you. I have transcribed the entire session below. 
Main topics covered:
  • A glimpse of a life in the early 1900's, beginning at a beach — Aphrodite's birthplace in Cyprus. Surprising detail shows Linda this was a past incarnation. Later in that life she's living near a vineyard, taking in the homeless as WW2 rages on in Europe; here she experiences much trauma, which creates physical and energetic punctures in the lives of many.
  • Cloud Cities: What holds you down on Earth no longer applies; they exist to give people a chance; people cultivate the land, working without stress or hardship; earth friendly architecture; crystal quartz spires — organic energy — that complete a circuit between source and those within cloud cities; how people can learn and do the things they always wanted to, but couldn't because of their life circumstances on earth.
  • Linda is presented with an important choice and ends up being reunited with her 'brothers & sisters' in the stars, which brings much comfort. Their origin is explained.
  • Higher self answers: Why her life in connection to WW2 was shown, including more information on energetic punctures and how to heal them; healing is provided for punctures that Linda has; putting herself first to be able to help others more effectively; the reason why cloud cities are important to be aware of now and a lot more detail as to why they are here (A lot of fascinating deep info); more info around what the crystal towers are in the cloud cities, including what created them.

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