05 June 2016

Congo: Goddess Energy Has Been Anchored! ~ Sisterhood of the Rose ~ 4 June 2016

Such great news!! Many thanks to Sisterhood of the Rose for making this possible!

**Update: I'm copying the entire message so that those without fb are able to read
this very significant development. **

Source: Sisterhood of the Rose

Dear ones, <3
I'm very grateful to announce that the mission to heal Congo portal has been successfully completed right in the time frame which has been alleged!

I would like to profoundly thank all Light workers and Light warriors who made this possible and persisted despite of all kind of interferences and obstacles, especially the vigorous, brave and determined core group physically on the ground, all active, tireless and forceful supporters in background and all of you, who persevered and contributed by your support to realisation of that important mission.

The goddess energy has been anchored and brought back to this dark portal and ripples of her presence has been spread through the entire planet and the entire energy template on plasma and higher levels has been changed and improved.

Also from now on you can much lightly and better access the goddess energy in that part of the world as throughout the entire planet!

Those of you, who feel so, can still carry on with this meditation anchoring the divine feminine there even more wide and deep.

Goddess blessings and Victory of the Light!
Thank you all again !


  1. Dear Grace,

    For those of us without a facebook page, could you please post the full update that goes with this tantalizing spot of information?

    Thanks for your great blog and as always, Many Blessings...

  2. Will do and thank you for your support, ShaunieL :) Blessings

  3. Thank you so much for this festive message! There's clearly a lighter and more flowing experience of physicality, as I perceive it in my body and around me. The unveiling happens faster and faster, it seems.
    I'm so grateful for living through this change and transformation, it's where I belong and sense my purpose strongly. Blessed be.

    1. Most welcome, Marian! May we move ever onwards :) Blessings