07 June 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 5 June 2016

Please listen to the show here.

I won't be highlighting anything from this session as I didn't take notes (listened to it in sections while on the move). However, there are quite a few topics of interest, to me at least.

One thing Simon said that made sense, but that never really occurred to me, is that the Reptilians have their own agenda that is mainly harmful to Humanity, but the Archons and AI have a different agenda, and that is potentially disastrous to the rest of the Universe (and therefore this Planet is the fire-break, as he has mentioned before).

Simon also reports that a "consciousness" has entered the Cern device, and this is further diminishing the nefarious potential of the machine. He has "no concern with Cern at all".

He elaborates more about AI, cautioning that its intention is to transform Humanity from carbon-based to silicon-based. This is very different from what I currently (and I emphasise "currently") understand ~ that we are becoming crystalline / silicon-based so that we can hold more Light frequencies as well as genetic information.

Whatever it is, please know that different sources present different aspects or perspectives of understanding. Sometimes the same topic has several "layers" of truth, and one layer can seemingly be very different from the next. Add to that the fact that sources align generally with their "source origin" ~ Simon will report from the Mantid/Reptilian/Intel angle, Cobra from the RM aspect, Alex Collier from the Andromendan view etc. On top of that, you have the "dimensional layer" that colours the information ~ an 11D Being will view things very differently from a 4D or 5D Being, etc.

Just be guided by your own Divinity and decide for yourself.


  1. There is NO thwarting divine universal laws....even IF the "mercy lag of time" is sometimes long...divine justice will always, eventually prevail.
    HUMAN things must be known to be loved....
    DIVINE things must be loved to be known...

    1. Well said. But it would be good if we help out a bit :) Blessings