25 June 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 19 June 2016

This is the second Q&A session from Simon Parkes and JayPee for the month of June, you can listen to it here.

I'll likely add some brief highlights later. I thought I'd be able to get to it today but apparently not so; the recording has been out for some days now and I don't wish to delay this any further.

**Updated with some very brief notes, not all topics are included: Text in pink are my own comments**
  • Simon adds vitamins to list of things to stockpile in view of its sale ban
  • Displacement of people across Europe is ploy to destabilise the region 
  • Brexit ~ makes the analogy of EU as one big corporation or more accurately, a one-world government. Simon is of opinion, correctly, that UK would vote to leave
  • Why was the Black Knight featured on the Pepsi commercial? Most ads and popular music are used as vehicles to contain triggers. At certain times, when the satellite is above a certain region and the ads are aired or music played, the satellite sends electronic beams down to amplify the effect.

@ 30:20-minutes
  • While the transition itself has challenges, we are going to come out the other end on a positive note, where the dark no longer controls the population. We still have to work at it to get to the other side; the Planet has done so much for us, now it's time for us to do something for her. “Bumpy road ahead but nice smooth road just over the hill.”
  • Simon reiterates that October 2016 is crucial period for global economic situation. Fed bailed out HSBC last year because the bank supposedly holds their gold, not Fort Knox; if the bank was allowed to crash, auditors would discover that there's no gold
  • “If you've seen it on Star Trek, then you can probably assume that it's real” ~ quote used by intelligence networks. In “Matrix”, the holographic world was created digitally/AI, while our Earth hologram is created using Sacred Geometry
  • Unpaid debts would still need to be settled after the economic reboot in the “Soft Landing” scenario, albeit via longer repayment periods. However, White Dragon society wants to wipe slate clean, which mean erasing debt, but Simon is unsure which model will come into play. He knows of no other planet that's so embedded in the concept of money, which is a control mechanism; this is why he feels we need a gentler transition.

  • Simon feels that David Bowie was a very gifted hybrid; Elites basically left him alone because they were making so much money off him
  • Soul / being's energies can be trapped inside objects, but this is rare and very hard to do; consequences are serious because it's severe violation of free will
  • John Lennon was reported to have had contact with a Mantid; John had received an egg-shaped object, which he then gave to Uri Geller, who was working for both Mossad and CIA . Simon  mentions “Ender's Game”, which at the end sees someone carrying an egg-shaped device. JayPee reads Lennon's account of his encounter.

@ 58:45-minutes
  • Anu/Anunnaki/Draco-Reptilians relationship? Reptilians groups from Orion (masculine) and Sirius (feminine) provided the Royal lines. Royal Dracos are white-skinned Reptilians; this is source of racism. These Dracos created hybrid group called Anunnaki (Reptilian + Human) who looked human enough; they were fashioned to connect with the Dracos and used to control Humanity. They are thin and chalk-white in appearance
  • Simon is of opinion that Sitchin's interpretation was "by and large, accurate" (I would like to add that in a previous session, Simon had stated that while Sitchin's interpretation was correct, the Tablets themselves have been altered by the elite)
  • Pleiadian Races ~ positive group but there exists breakaway faction (Aldebaran) who contacted George Adamski, Hitler/SS, Thule and Vril. This negative group has hardware installed in their physiology. Pleiadians' main nemesis is AI, with which Reptilians were "infected"
  • Transhumanism ~ seed programmming inserted through mediums such as TV series "Six Million Dollar Man" / "Bionic Woman. Simon and JayPee engage in a spirited discussion about this.

@ 1:17:22-hours 
  • Sphinx older than Pyramids, the latter was built between 15,000 - 20,000 years ago. Never a place to bury Pharaohs. Pyramids are massive power-house using frequency modulation and resonance; placed on specific degree (29.9792° N, 31.1342° E) to stabilise Planet after being hit by explosion, which resulted in wobble. Also a beacon for space-crafts, crystalline ben-ben/capstone was lighthouse/weapon which fired sonic beams. It's "primitive" because at that time, the builders only had access to earth materials
  • Pyramid is actually tetrahedron. Ben-ben stone was like a Tesla coil, same size as Ark of Covenant, which acts like a capacitor which generates plasma field. Stacks of stones above King's Chamber are to hold it down due to anti-gravity field generated
  • Pyramid technology (including crystal power) taken from Egypt and given to Israelites, this is one of the reasons why the Pharaoh came charging after the Jews
  • Dessicating effect of Pyramids led to the water being turned into plasma, which is transmitted through top; in other words, the Pharaoh's essence was shot out through the top.
@ 1:31-hours
  • Ashtar Command ~ Simon feels doubtful of any individual or organisation that's giving information and don't show themselves; also is wary of information about space-ships taking people to New Earth. Ask if the information is positive or negative for Humanity? Empowering / Free Will? Trust yourself / your Soul
  • JayPee used his AV device to transform his voice to sound like the one in the 1977 video, and vice-versa (which ended up sounding like a lecturer's voice); Simon thinks it's AI-controlled
  • Are collectors exhibiting Reptilian behavior? Yes ~ it's all about order
  • Schizophrenia ~ multiple personality disorder caused by stress, including induced (eg mind-control, trauma etc)
  • "Forbidden Planet" showed what the Montauk Effect could do.

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