12 June 2016

Ascension Conference Notes: Pt 2 ~ Glarus, Switzerland ~ April 16-17, 2016

I just realised I hadn't posted Part 2 of the notes, although I was quite sure I did....hmm. Here it is, if you haven't yet read it.

Source: The Event Reference

The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis.

Notes taken by Antares during the conference, translation Pippa, edited by Nova Biscotti and Cobra

Original Post (in German): http://trans-information.net/aufstiegskonferenz-in-teil-2/

Link to Part 1 (English): ascension-conference-notes-pt-1-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/

Cobra on Saturday, April 16th

The SSP´s – the secret space programs

We have already heard several whistleblowers speaking about the SSP. Cobra showed pictures and photos from those ships.

The basis for the SSP’s had already been established in the 19th century. At that time Germany was the country with the best technical knowledge. The scientific and industrial field was flourishing. The Plejadians decided to contact awakened people and to inspire them in building space ships. So there were attempts in building those ships but technically it was not possible yet. The Plejadians contacted (channeling) media to broadcast information about the building of ships.

In the beginning of the 20th century the attempt was successful with Maria Orsic from Zagreb. She received the information from the Plejadians and Aldebarans who are part of the plejadian group. Maria Orsic gave then the information to professor Schuhman in Munich. A prototype was built in 1923 in Augsburg with this information. This technical group was infiltrated by forces of a different opinion, which is known from history. At the beginning of the Nazi period technique developed swiftly and all those, who misused the latest developments, had access to enormous financial sources, fabrics and peons.

In 1942 already a moon base of the Nazis existed. There they met beings who fought with them – the Draconians. The Nazis had been defeated, only few remained on the moon. When the WW2 was over in 1945, there were two factions. The more secret Kammler faction that had built underground bases on the planet escaped to Argentina, wherefrom the Nazi’s moved to Antarctica. The second group was taken over by the repeatedly quoted “Operation Paperclip” into the USA. The best-known representative was Wernher von Braun who was head of NASA for a long period of time. NASA was established as a front organization to manage the SSP’s secretly. By the time NASA started 1961 with space flights, big ships already flew around secretly.

The Kammler fraction had already been on Moon in the years 1944/1945 via Antarctica. After the WW2 they expanded in the whole solar system. They met the Draconians and made a pact about the first SSP and have been ruling the whole solar system and beyond since then. This co-operation lasted for a long time. The statements Corey Goode made in this issue are real. This involves the so-called “Dark Fleet” up there. This is no science fiction, but actual knowledge.

From the other faction thousands of the German Nazi’s had been brought to the USA – scientists, technicians, people from the economic field. The official space programs were controlled by NASA under the leadership of Wernher von Braun. According to Cobra there were different tendencies among the NASA employees, of which one created a positive space program. The controllers, however, tried to suppress everything. The official moon landing with Neil Armstrong was pushed through by the positive NASA-members. Therefore the official moon landing was a visible success and an effort of the light forces on the surface of the earth. But Wernher von Braun and his subordinates carried out several acts of sabotage that caused incidents and disaster.
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