18 June 2016

June 2016 Emotional Intensity and the Ongoing Completion Energies ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 17 June 2016

In this message from Denise (which holds key information about the upcoming months), she mentions something that I've been experiencing over the past several months but could never quite understand why (and yes, it was very disconcerting in the early stages), and what Denise has to say about it may prove beneficial for those who are also getting the same thing happening to them. When I close my eyes, I frequently see human faces, non-human beings (including many Reptilian forms), places, even some battle scenes....all flashing on my mind-screen in quick succession, each image lasting for about one second. If you've been experiencing this as well, don't worry, there's nothing "wrong" with you!

Source: High Heart Life

Hi Denise,

Numerous friends and I have noticed extremely strong emotional currents sweeping through during the last few days.  One highly evolved friend had such rage she finally wound up on the kitchen floor (her dog hugged her through it).  Another was dysfunctional all day with victim energies.  Others are crying for days.  All of us report this is not our emotional stuff, we can tell.  Others are having huge trouble even visualizing their 2nd chakra, and are experiencing pain there.  WTF is going on? Could you inquire?

A. What is causing this?  Dimensional shift, which will get worse before it gets better, as one angel reader has said?  Some infernal new technological attack by Team Dark to elicit one last milking of the human herd?  Their own rage and despair at being removed?  It is certainly more than the Pulse massacre, and I think more than Neptune retrograde. Whatever is it, it is laying people Out.
B. When will it end?
C. What can we concretely specifically do to cope with it (besides clear our own issues, which I think provide hooks for these waves to catch in us).

I so hope you will inquire and can get some answers.  People are definitely suffering and asking.

We’d been having Comment conversations under my earlier article about how many of us have had an unusually difficult time with highly amplified emotional energies suddenly hitting us really hard. I’ve mentioned in a few articles this year how I’ve struggled with on again off again depression, and none of it feels like “me” but some strange territory I’m having to trek through this year. Others mentioned how they’re getting hit hard now with rage, anger, complete dissatisfaction with everything and pretty much everyone, and others have reached that magical point where they are all done with enduring the A’s & I’s — the Assholes and Idiots any longer. Maybe my old term makes more sense to more people now than it did ten years ago or so when I felt this way and struggled with it and many other related things.
Then I received the email quoted above from Falcon, and it’s obvious large numbers of people are getting hit hard with whatever it is we’re required to be consciously aware of now in ourselves a
There isn’t just one or two things causing what we’re all feeling and witnessing in ourselves and others, it’s a whole cluster of massively important and reality-changing things all happening in highly amplified ways in 2016.

Please read on....

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