08 June 2016

Major Wave Incoming: 11 - 12 June 2016 ~ Judy Satori

This came via email and I felt it's relevant information. I'll reproduce the whole message below, Judy's website is here.

These energy waves aren't stopping and they aren't diminishing in intensity.....until we get to The Big One :)  I'm sure many are already feeling the effects, especially the disorientation. It's like we're "not here".

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you all information I received from Spirit this morning before I travel to New York City where I am speaking at the Yoga, Raw Food and Regeneration Expo this coming Saturday.

In the past week a number of people have emailed me, who have not been feeling well. I am told by Spirit that a major new wave of energy is coming to Earth this coming weekend, June 11-12  and that we are all being prepared to assimilate these expanded and much faster pulsating.

It you are energetically sensitive you may be experiencing dizziness, abnormal fatigue, disorientation and not be able to think clearly or to focus your mind normally.

You could be feeling stressed and anxious, because reality as we know it is changing and on a deep level of our being it makes us feel uncertain and insecure.

Things will settle down by early next week, but you will continue to feel an expanded and altered sense of who you are in the world and who you are inside YOU.

It is helpful to know and understand that this is part of a process of physical re-genesis. It may not feel like it right now, but it is!

On Saturday I will be speaking and presenting a workshop, "The Spiritual Secrets of Physical Regenesis".

When I held the True Colors event in Manhattan in May I discovered that Spirit was working through me an entirely new way. In the past there has been a split second delay from my hearing the words and saying them. Now the information I am receiving is imprinted and not channeled. I have no prior knowing about what will come through so I am interested to see what the "Secrets" are too!

I will email the audio recording my Expo lecture to you all next week. See below for the Expo details.

If you feel off balance or unwell...don't worry...rest, drink lots of water and add liquid chlorophyll, The green pigment chlorophyll helps light which is energy travel through the body and helps every part of our organic structure function and regenerate. Spirulina and chlorella is also excellent.

Love and blessings,

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