05 June 2016

Personal Update Part 2 of 2 ~ 4 June 2016

Okay, Part 2. I had planned (such a pointless thing nowadays) to finish this yesterday but I just didn't have the time, my apologies.

Before I proceed, I will need to clarify something. I had my Vortex vision about a week before Gaia Portal came out with that uncharacteristic and un-Oracle-like update (here) which has clearly (no pun intended) whipped up a certain degree of excitement in the Light community. Some readers had assumed that my vision was an affirmation of what Gaia Portal wrote ~ I'd like to state that, if indeed both my vision and Gaia Portal's update refer to the same thing, I have no idea of the "when" factor. But if it's any consolation, it felt very close. Then again, that's just my interpretation.

This second part will contain several experiences that I've gone through in the past few days. I can't say that it's Synchronicity only because I get that it's not. Instead, it's more likely a sign or message, and I'll talk a bit about that at the end. I'll start with a little preface that set off the sequence of unusual events (but then again, "unusual" is the new normal....). This post will be long.

Some days ago, I woke up from a dream with the very clear objective to start a journal. I decided that I would create a private blog for that purpose so that I could search within the contents with ease, in case I needed it for reference. Much of that morning found me thinking of a suitable name for the intended blog but I drew a blank.

Later in the day, someone wrote to say that she was thinking of a name for a book she was intending to write! What were the odds that I woke up thinking of a title for a blog (first time it's happened), and I get a message from someone thinking of a title for a book? (She did come up with a very clever one, by the way.) That marked the official launch of a whole series of interesting experiences that followed over the next few days.

Registration Plates
For some reason, as I approached the mall to get some supplies, I suddenly thought of my old car from twenty years ago. The number plate had "PCK" on it, and as I parked and exited my car to enter the mall, I passed a car with "PKC" on it. Okay, not exactly the same, but registration plates that begin with "P" are not common where I live. Then while in the mall, I heard the announcer on the PA system call for "....the owner of vehicle with registration number xxx (three alphabets)", then I mentally said "8, 3" and the announcer continued with "8, 8, 3, 3". This is nothing to do with being psychic. As I mentioned earlier, I believe it's something else.

Mother Gaia's Diversity
In a family group chat, I was talking about the rich diversity on the Planet and her unique existence in the Cosmos. My cousin then sent me a poem that she had just written, about 1000 kinds of fish, flowers.....it suggested a vast variety of Life.

Blue Jewel
I then continued writing more about Mother Gaia, explaining that she's also known as "Blue Jewel". Shortly after that, Cobra mentioned in the May Prepare For Change interview that the Pleiadians call this Planet "Blue Jewel", and Richard said that he liked that name. ("They call this planet the Blue Jewel. (thank you very much. I like that name.")) I'd like to add that my cousin also responded that she liked the name.

Harith Iskandar
I was testing out my Waze app, and didn't like the voice. My daughter, who was in the car with me, suggested switching to Harith Iskandar. Just as she finished her sentence, I turned right into another road, and at the end of that road was a giant billboard.....with Harith Iskandar's face on it. For the record, that was the first time I had seen Harith's image on a billboard.

A plane was taking off in this documentary I was watching. At that exact moment, a military jet zipped across the sky, which is a rare occurrence.

Some people recommended "Dune", so I found it online and decided to watch the first few minutes to see if I would like it. Before I played it, I quickly attended to a discussion about excessive heatiness in the body and I offered that Enos Fruit Salt would help. I started the movie and within a few minutes, saw that the theme music was credited to Brian Eno. Surely this one is truly surreal, no matter how you look at it :)

Star Wars
For no apparent reason, I suddenly felt like re-watching "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and made a mental note to carve out some time to do just that in the near future. Just minutes later, I heard my daughter watching "Mythbusters" online, and the theme for that particular episode was "Star Wars".

Falling Slowly
I was discussing some music with someone, and I mentioned that I was thinking of a particular song that was difficult to sing, and if people are not familiar with that song, they would think it's sung off-pitch. Try as I could, I wasn't able to recall the name of that song, and although I could hear the melody in the recesses of my mind, I wasn't able to call it forth either, but I thought no more of it after the discussion was over. The next day, I headed for the mall to run some errands, and while parking, I heard that same song coming through the public speakers...."Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. I must mention that, as far as I can recall, this is the first time I've heard this song played in a public place, at least since the past few years.

Pyramids and the Orion's Belt Alignment
This one has got to be my favourite episode so far. I was once again bringing up a topic on my family group chat. Being the self-appointed envelope-pushing-encourager (what our lot go through for our family and friends, being the potential target of either grave concern or heartless ridicule hahah...), I had posted the following image:

Even after going through so many unexpected "pairing" experiences over the past few days, I was totally gobsmacked when my cousin replied, saying that he had completed a comic just the day before, and one of the images depicted three pyramids with Orion's Belt in the sky (see main image above).

These are just some of the interesting "pairing" of seemingly unrelated events that occurred over a short period of time. There are more that I've not included, but I'm sure I've already painted a sufficiently clear picture of the pattern I'm trying to convey.

As mentioned before, I believe that this series of events is a message, or "signal".

Andrew Bartzis has repeatedly said that one of the pre-requisites for The Event is when adults start having the same dream. This is when we have, as a Collective Consciousness, tuned into the energies of Mother Gaia, and we are dreaming her dream of Sovereignty and Unity instead of the inorganic and manipulated false dreamtime of the controllers. The way I interpret my interesting experiences is that the Collective Consciousness' intention of breaking free is growing and therefore the morphogenetic field is strengthening in this objective. I believe that these experiences represent this increasing intensity. It's as if I'm being shown some wisps of this field, and they share a coherence of some sort. We may not yet have reached the stage where our dreamtime is the same, but I feel that the events are somehow showing me that we are near. Again, my take on this only.

This update is already very long, but I'm not really done. There are a couple of things that I will mention in the next few days on a separate post.

Namaste and Blessings!

PS. Gordon Bennett....I forgot to include this thought.  Gaia Portal's 4 June update reports the following:
Elements of timelines release from prior pathways.
Timeline combinings are no more.

While their updates can be ambiguous and it's anyone's guess what they really mean, my own interpretation of the above two lines is that there is now only ONE timeline for Mother Gaia and Humanity....the Ascension Timeline. All sub-timelines or minor timelines are "no more". I'd like to think that this underscores what I've tried to explain about the morphogenetic field.


  1. synchronicity:- the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.


  2. Not synchronicities? Grace, if synchronicity was a palm, it would have planted itself firmly on your forehead!!! :) Those all sounded like synchronicities to me. And my interpretation of events like that occuring so frequently is that they ARE signs...Spirit's way of letting us know we're right on track!

    Keep up the good work. The veils are getting thinner every moment! Yay...!

    With Love,

    1. I just had to chuckle over your analogy, Stargazer :D

      Veil is getting thinner and we're getting closer!!

      Thank you and Blessings,

  3. Sounds almost like a day in my life only difference is that numbers repeating themselves has increased 10 fold.

    Hugs Ollie