23 June 2016

Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 22 June 2016

Some have written, wondering when Cobra would be coming out with an update....here it is! In Alex Collier's recent webinar (for rental, and therefore I can't post it, someone had asked why things seem to be taking so long to unfold in public, given that much seems to be happening behind the scenes. Alex had replied that he didn't know the cause of the hold-up. Cobra's update may provide the answer. Our own efforts must continue!

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Removal of the remaining plasma toplet bombs has proven to be more difficult than expected, as they are protected with quantum potential chambers throughout the Solar System. Quantum potential chambers are directed scalar torsion fields that create an accretion vortex for as much primary plasma anomaly as possible to be gathered around the remaining toplet bombs. These chambers are more advanced version of quantum potential weapons that are already known for decades:



Plasma primary anomaly encompasses all possible combinations of negativity as the logical opposite of the Absolute, and only a small percentage of these combinations gets manifested onto the physical plane, as the Light forces mostly cancel them out before they can materialize from the quantum foam. The Light forces use advanced technology of Light pillars (ATVOR) to resolve the non-linear primary plasma anomaly using the mathematical principles of iteration:


ATVOR technology is based on AN conversion:


Even using those advanced methods, a small unresolvable portion of the primary anomaly remains and then collapses into the accretion vortex around the toplet bomb. The Light forces then apply the ATVOR technology again until the critical mass of the primary anomaly gets resolved, and then they will annihilate the remaining toplet bombs once and for all.

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