03 June 2016

The Cross of the Hidden Christ - Grand Mutable Cross this week! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 2 June 2016

I feel like I missed something.....I was rather surprised to read this update from Meg Benedicte ~ she mentions several topics that I never expected her to write about. This is an encouraging change, based on what I've read previously. If I'm mistaken (because I can't say I'm very familiar with her material) then I do apologise. I feel that if more Light-Guides such as Meg reveal the true nature of what's happening, more people will awaken much faster. Our growing numbers can only serve to hasten massive change....FOR GOOD, literally and figuratively.

Source: New Earth Central

In numerology, 2016 is a 9-year, a year of completion and endings. It hasn’t disappointed…seems like it has been constant purging and releasing in so many areas of our lives. The June Solstice welcomes in more assistance and support for an already accelerated processing. In the 2nd half of 2016 we will move into hyper-speed as we embody more and more Soul Presence.

Adding additional intensity to the clearing this week is Saturn opposing the Sun on June 2nd and the New Moon on June 4th . This is shaking things loose that no longer resonate with the embodied Soul, even if it requires letting go of dependencies. What appears difficult is where the Ego is resisting and holding onto status quo. I compare it to being in a washing machine - we’re all in the tumble cycle this year.

The New Moon arrives on Saturday, June 4th at 8pm PT in 14º Gemini. This New Moon triggers a grand mutable cross of Venus (Gemini,) Jupiter (Virgo), Saturn (Sagittarius) and Neptune (Pisces). The transits of Saturn square Neptune and Jupiter square Saturn are strong influences in 2016.

Esoteric Astrologer Alice Bailey calls the mutable cross, “The Cross of the Hidden Christ.” I love that analogy…it perfectly describes the current phenomenon we are experiencing – resurrecting the hidden Christ within all of us. She says “This is the Cross of the four major energies which produce the conditioning circumstances which transform animal man into an aspirant. It is, therefore, the Cross of the personality…and finally integrating human being.”

As you move thru the Ascension process, you are moving away from animal/base instincts of the primal Ego that has been dominating your life. As you embody more Soul Presence, the shadow Ego personality begins to absorb into the Higher Self consciousness.

It has been a long journey for the First Wavers to disentangle from the entrapment of the Reincarnation cycling. For thousands of years earth-bound souls have been trapped in an artificial Soul Net when they transition…trapping them in the 4D astral plane so they cannot transition back into Source unification. The invader ET races created the Soul Net to breed a mind-controlled slavery race on earth.

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