25 June 2016

The Lyran Stargate and the Great Crystal ~ Tim Whild ~ 8 June 2016

Source: Tim Whild

The Lyran Stargate and the Great Crystal.

Our beautiful Earth has changed again, and so have we.

The buildup of recent energies have triggered the disintegration of the ancient shadows that orchestrated the fall of Atlantis. Power that was misused has been returned, at long last, to the Great Crystal to be redistributed to those who have waited patiently for this moment. The Teams of Light are now free to operate in their full capacity….can you feel the fresh energy?

The past six months have not been an easy period for many, particularly those already aligned to their Higher Selves. We have all been given the chance to face our shadows and drop the illusions surrounding us.

This was the period that the Elders of many spiritual societies had predicted for a long time.

Hard work and effort is rewarded in many unique forms. And so many people have realised the power of their creative potential who they really ARE.

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