26 June 2016

The Pineal Gland / Ajna (Agna) Chakra ~ Psychic Kids / Modern Nirvana, Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda, Infinite Waters

The Open Mind

Okay, on to one of my favourite topics :)

I've been meaning to post these videos some time ago, but just didn't seem to get to it. The first is a short investigative stint by Modern Nirvana whose crew went to UK to record kids reading blind-folded. I can't remember where exactly now, I viewed this weeks ago. In the video, you can witness young kids reading while wearing their Mind Folds. The crew were suitably impressed.

In the second video, Ma Nithya (who has given very good advice about the Pineal Gland) explains, using Vedic Science, how we can do the same, i.e. reading with eyes closed / blind-folded, and it all to do with activating our Pineal Gland or opening our Third Eye. She gets quite passionate many times so please expect that. Ma Nithya refers to the case of Yogamatha, which is video no.3.

The last video is done tongue-in-cheek by Infinite Waters / Ralph Smart. I hope you enjoy them all!

1. Children Develop Cool Super Power (Third Eye) ~ Modern Nirvana / Frank Elaridi

2. Girl Demonstrates Cool SuperPower (Third Eye) Explained Properly ~ Ma Nithya

3. Girl demonstrates Cool SuperPower (Third Eye) ~ Yogamaatha with Modern Nirvan / Frank Elaridi

4. 10 Reasons You Should Never Open Your Third Eye ~ Infinite Waters.

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