26 June 2016

Why Time / No Time Is Shrinking.... ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 26 June 2016


** Text: Because we are on the birth canal, ready to be born,
the time/no time, weeks, days shrinks.
Andrew Bartzis **

Speaking of compressed time.....

Just yesterday, I posted something from Andrew Bartzis / Galactic Historian about how the "As-Above-So-Below" operative applied to cell division. This is also from the same team, and I thought it was nice Synchronicity :)

My understanding of time compression was largely based on two streams of understanding (related, I'm sure). One is the increased frequencies of energy, and the other, based on something I read many years ago. While I cannot recall the source, I vaguely remember it has something to do with the Mayan Calendar and the cycles of Time getting shorter and shorter. I've written about this before (somewhere on this blog....) but I'll briefly repeat it. The cycles of events or energetic cycles are getting more compact. For example, we may have a cycle occurring every several years, then they get more compressed and increase to one every year, then once every few months, then once a month, once a week.....until we reach the point where every moment is a cycle.  This converging point is like a Standing Wave of Time, a moment in Time (or No Time) where there's a briefest of pause that seems to last an eternity, and the Cosmic Re-set occurs.

This explanation by Andrew is certainly new to me, but every bit as profound and definitely something we will all look forward to.

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