28 July 2016

A Small Fragment of Solara's July 2016 Surf Report

Somehow I was so sure I had already posted this ~ I was very surprised to discover I hadn't!

Source: The NVisible


While we are in the midst of shifting reality systems, we are experiencing both the best of times and the worst of times. Upheavals and shocking events in July and August will continue to test our commitment to be True Ones embodying Trueness. Yet these months will also be laced with wondrous opportunities for quantum breakthroughs.

Huge infusions of energy from the New Reality are constantly being anchored into the physical. As this happens, they are magnifying anything which doesn't resonate with Trueness so it can either be transformed or released from our energetic fields. There is a Great Fire in Trueness which burns away all the impurities and dross so we can sparkle with authenticity and illuminate the way for others.

The New Reality we are birthing must be given our full attention for duality cannot be transformed as long as we continue to feed it. We must decisively pull the threads of our beings out of the old Tapestry of Duality and weave them into the Tapestry of the New Reality. As increasing numbers of us do this, the Tapestry of Duality will simply fall apart.

At the beginning of July, Emanaku and I were doing readings with my "Cards of AN" when we both individually received the card, "HERE and NOW" which rarely appears to us. The obvious explanation for this card is to pull all your scattered energies into the HERE and NOW. Yet when I received the card, something totally unexpected happened.

I suddenly found myself sitting in the center of a large wheel, somewhat like an old wagon wheel or the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Dharma. The wheel had spokes radiating outward in all the directions. In the center of this wheel, I felt a deep calmness.

Once this happened, I realized that everything had profoundly changed. Somehow, I had entered a previously undiscovered sector of the New Reality. It was a NO DOWN - NO RETURN moment. I thought how I had been just moments before, and actually had been for my entire lifetime, and it was completely gone! I could barely remember how it felt to be outside the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW. It was so absolutely different than what I now felt.

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