18 July 2016

Alex Collier: 12th Webinar ~ 8 July 2016

The above webinar is available for rent (which I did) or purchase ~ if you are interested, please proceed to Alex Collier's website for details.

There is one main topic that Alex discussed in this webinar ~ I feel that it's really pertinent for those who appreciate a wider scope of what's going on, so I will briefly write about it here. I would like to stress, as usual, that this is from Alex's perspective. Obviously, if there are objections from the relevant parties, I will delete this post.

For me, this was the most important thing that Alex talked about....the inexorable progress of our entire Solar System through the Galactic Plane. This cannot be stopped. Just like night follows day, the Galactic Day will surely dawn the moment the last vestige of the Galactic Night has passed. This moment is almost upon us.

Nothing of the lower frequency will exist once we move into the Galactic Plane, not even AI.

Related to this is the current merging of what Alex says are the two final timelines ~ the WWII Nazi timeline and our present timeline. This merging is causing an implosion of facism on the Planet. Only one timeline will eventually emerge, and that's the "higher" timeline. The "lower" timeline will dissolve.

All this information isn't entirely "new" ~ we've heard bits and pieces here and there over the years to be able to form a rough picture of, well, the Bigger Picture. Nevertheless, we always need to be reminded of our overall destination regularly because we tend to allow ourselves to veer off-course now and then.

I believe it's imperative for each one of us to focus on what we want our future to look like, and to hold the intention and vibration of a higher consciousness reality within us as often as possible. Ultimately, we would want to match our frequencies with that on the higher timeline (Ascension).

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