02 July 2016

Cancer New Moon, Independence Day (USA) ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 1 July 2016

Meg Benedicte connects breaking a glass with a frequency upgrade...I agree! The first time I realised the connection was about 7 years ago when I removed 5 nested glass containers that I had just bought from their box. For no apparent reason, I dropped them and they ALL broke. What I got then was "frequency shift". About a year after that, I broke a glass, and got the same message. From then on, I switched to ceramic cups because glass shards are so difficult to clear up completely. Just two weeks ago, I broke my cup, which seemed to will itself to fall off the table that it was sitting on.

Source: Meg Benedicte

It’s been quite a wild ride this past month, especially with the powerful photonic Light infusion during the Solstice Gateway. We’re still integrating the energetic upgrades into our being, as we navigate new terrain. Yesterday I broke another glass, always a sign of a frequency upgrade. Take some time to anchor and ground into the new energies…get out into nature and secure your new foundation in the 5D field.

Assisting with these cosmic upgrades this week is Mars turning forward motion in Scorpio and a New Moon in Cancer. Any time a planet turns direct it creates a ‘seed moment’ when the truth will be revealed. Allow the truth to illuminate your path and purpose!

The New Moon in Cancer occurs on Monday, July 4th, which coincides with Independence Day in the United States. The original birthday of the US in 1776 is also in Cancer. New Moons initiate fresh starts, new beginnings and new directions…perhaps we’ll see the birthing of a new paradigm as the old world order continues to collapse and break away.

The energy of Cancer provides much-needed nurturing, self-care and protection…maternal aspects of healing and regeneration. With the moon in its own sign of Cancer, we will benefit from enhanced visions, dreams and right-brain imagination. Take advantage of the New Moon in Cancer with Mars direct to fuel your inner desires into form.

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