22 July 2016

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes & JayPee ~ 17 Juy 2016

In this show, Simon Parkes starts off with explaining the fallout over the past few weeks. I don't have notesfor this show, but will highlight a couple of things which I feel impacts Humanity's path in the days ahead.

If you are averse to any discussions that relate to Reptilians or anything of that nature, or if you are aware of Simon's personal tempest and share the opinion of a couple of major sources that have passed sentence on Simon, I would appreciate if you give this a miss. Then you'll save yourself the bother of writing to me to complain :)  So please, just listen if you feel guided to do so, thank you.

You can listen to the session here.

Simon mentions the interview he had with Alexandra Meadors where he discusses in greater detail about the recent events that were related to Anu ~ here it is. I haven't yet watched this so am unable to provide any input.

This is, to me, one of the best Connecting Consciousness sessions I've heard. I must stress that Simon, like many others who are now echoing the same theme, believes strongly in a great future ahead for Humanity. It has always been my guiding motivation that ultimately, this is a spiritual evolution we are all on, and our journey back to Who We Truly Are is inevitable. This process cannot be stopped....remember, as EM and Blue Solara has distinctively said, this is not just our little spot on a far-flung arm of the Galaxy that is undergoing change, it is the entire Creation itself. Well, at least in this Universe :)  A Cosmic Re-set, nothing less.

Also (and I truly believe this is "something").... I notice that Simon's throat seems so much better. He has said in this discussion that "Mum" could have easily corrected the situation but it was Simon himself who had to make the decision to remove "Dad" from his life, forever.

Back to the session. Simon reiterates that we are already on the positive timeline, and although "terrorism" is an element of this timeline, so is the truth movement. Without this "ignitor" to fire up Humanity, we would have taken longer to wake up.

911 was an attempt to create a stronger timeline for the negatives because they saw the future where without terrorism, they would fall very quickly. Inserting "terrorism" into Humanity's psyche would buy them at least another 25 years of power.

Centrepoint of the Universe is point from where All emanates, a conscious well-spring where Life springs forth. At determined times, certain energies are activated and tweaked, and these waves permeate throughout the Cosmos, catalysing transformation and enhancement, especially for those who are ready. The negatives tried to corrupt these energies but were unsuccessful. Simon stresses again that the blanket of Reptilian energies (JP calls it "etheric chemtrail) surrounding the Planet is now gone.

These Divine energies cannot be stopped. It's now full speed ahead.

If we had had a clear run (and had been "given" everything), we would not have learnt and spiritually matured adequately or sufficiently; it would have been technologically wonderful but we would still be like children and possibly recreate the Atlantis-Lemurian situation.

Many are getting hit by these transformational energies and going through their own challenges and Apocalypse (unveiling) moments. In 2012 we pushed through the gates, 2016-2017 we must make the decision to reclaim our Sovereignty.

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