17 July 2016

Energy Update: Extreme Consciousness - Birthing a Humanitarian Collective ~ Lee Harris ~ 14 July 2016

It's been a very long time since I last posted anything from Lee Harris....well, I'm sort of on a roll......

Source: Lee Harris Energy

Key points:

• Extreme consciousness is arriving now.
• Sensitives will be noticing the extreme pulses of growing consciousness right now, emotionally and energetically, as we move between dark and light at greater speeds.
• The healing of unconsciousness in our world is currently focused on: Division. This period brings up extreme reactions, emotions and actions as what was once suppressed and divided within us, rises for healing and integration. Once these inner energies are healed and integrated, new potentials, senses of purpose and creativity birth in response. This is a time of new and fast birth.
• The past is releasing fast. This means memories rise as old habits release from your body.
• A brand new stamina is available for those who tend to their self-care.
• A New Collective purpose is birthing - a more humanitarian way of being. As this births in you, it raises intimacy issues to the surface and asks how close you can be to others, and how awake you can be on a daily basis.
• This is a time of fast fusion - equal parts potent and challenging.
• Remember the mantra 'everything changes' at times like these.


Please watch the video here.

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