06 July 2016

Enlightenment ~ Galactic Historian Team ~ 5 July 2016

Source: Galactic Historian fb

Enlightenment happens when our Consciousness becomes Infinite.
Ascension happens when we bring the Higher frequencies of Light/Love
into every cell of our body. 
The more we can feel the Spiritual tingling sensation of Light/Love,
the more our cells will adapt to that vibration and transform into Light.
Where Enlightenment is happening to our Consciousness,
Ascension is happening to our physical body. 
We are changing the physical matter of our body into Light.
The final result of Ascension is to fill our physical body with so much Light
that it becomes a Light Body! 
This is Ascension!
It Is happening right now even though you haven’t noticed it before.
Enjoy the Light of Love.
-GH Team

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