24 July 2016

God Assigning Duties to Each Zodiac Sign ~ Excerpt from Karmic Astrology: The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation by Martin Schulman ~ Zodiac Signs ~ 14 August 2015

Thank you to Wisdom From Our Elders for posting this.

When it comes to reports incorporating Astrology, I usually skim through the chart details (because I don't understand them) and just try to get to the message. However, I enjoyed reading this article because it present Astrology from a different angle.

What struck me immediately when I read "Pisces" was that the contents described most accurately what's been happening during our own Age of Pisces. Then when I read "Aquarius", the message was clear ~ we are moving into a time of liberation and self-growth. That's my interpretation, anyway!

Please read the article here.

For those requiring translation, the text shown in the images below can be found within the article itself.


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