19 July 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown Update ~ 19 July 2016

Oohh....here's that Timeline thing again!!

Source: Lisa Transcendene Brown

Anyone who may have been feeling/experiencing "Human" today.. seems it may be moving out... or we will toggle back and forth again... this always happens for a day around the Full Moon... Crystals are activated, energy is moving again, frequencies are kicking in, super high.... Interesting day of back and forth between timelines to clear those dimensions out so we can move on.... 

Basically, we change frequencies when StarGates dial, we stop off in one dimension, something "old" becomes visible, we see it/deal with it/let it move out, then we shift to another dimensional frequency/timeline, do that one too, then the next one... same thing... Seems we've gone through many today and we M-I-G-H-T be moving out of all that and raising in frequency to connect back up/come online at a higher frequency again. Update later, going off the computer.
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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