29 July 2016

Lisa Transcendence Brown Update ~ 28 July 2016

This is via email, I will copy the full message below. Lisa's site is Awakening to Remembering.

Aloha beautiful light family,

The next newsletter will be out soon, as I wrote a book instead of an article (lol) and it's too much to send out this time... Besides we have lots of awesomeness we want to share and would prefer to put some cool things for everyone in there! 

For now, there's much going on in every way. Energetically and physically these higher frequencies are collapsing timelines huge, which can be just an energetic collapse and cellular cleansing or a physical reality collapse, depending on where one functions from. 

I invite you to listen to the replay of our live broadcast on Quantum Conversations from this last Monday with host, Lauren Galey. We packed 2 hours FULL of info and answered some caller questions too. So very many are embracing in the most magnificent way! What an absolute exhilarating joy it is to share together and transform all into higher consciousness as we do! The replay is available HERE and if you desire to receive her entire panel of her new Season 9 Special Guest interviews, then you can register with her website to receive directly via email. 

Each dimension is experiencing completely different realities right now. It's important for all to maintain their own higher state of consciousness and pay attention to when something may occur to challenge you, trigger you or push you to expand. In any trying time, opening the heart will relax the mind, the physical body and allow for ease to enter in. Where one is unconscious, the heart closes down and the head is allowed to take control. Every exchange is to show us something. If everything is not higher consciousness love, then there is something that needs to be observed and processed through the heart instead of reacting, projecting and going unconscious again. Many are now moving into taking their own power back and learning (remembering) how to balance love and power simultaneously. 

Everything, absolutely everything is going on to get one's heart fully open again. Where one does not understand this, it can confusing. Many think they understand until it happens in their world. WE all have to pay attention to where where we come from in every moment. If it's from our head, ego, separation, any motives that are not pure, then we are the ones creating a reality that will collapse for us to understand to not do that again. This is how we teach ourselves.... 

Pay attention and connect with the ENERGY OF ALL.... and what is going on with you. See where you focus your energy, what you allow and what you get caught up in. Pay attention to when you can be affected, for this will tell you much. The more chaos, the more you have to pull away to find peace and balance inside. When you start from this space, then anything that disrupts this will give you new awareness about you. Then it's up to you to ask the important questions of yourself. Eventually, you can stand in your power, as love and observe the chaotic energy without it affecting your own reality world. In this space you have the ability to master all as love. 

Sending sparkly happy love to all! 

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