10 July 2016

Navigating New Dimensions and Timelines ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin with the Star Elders ~ 6 July 2016

What an excellent message from Aluna! The clumsiness, feeling out of sync, the external craziness, the new frequencies....I couldn't agree more that this world is looking crazier by the minute. Time to pull our New Reality into existence :)

Source: Aluna Joy

Something strange has been happening, and if you have noticed this, you have been experiencing a REAL PHYSICAL, dimensional re-alignment. The last couple of months have been really challenging. I like to think of this as a cosmic fire walk. We have traveled through the 20 core days in the Mayan calendar, magnified by 6 planets that were working backwards, while we strived really hard to live forward. We are much stronger for this huge initiation, and we should feel lighter and more solid than we have in months... and it is only going to get lighter as summer progresses. If you have felt this fire walk, I hope that what I share next will make sense to your journey.

As most of you know, I am a clairvoyant / oracle, or whatever woo woo title we want to call it. All my life I have relied on my ability to see without using my five senses. But in these days, I have been literally beside myself. When I closed my eyes, I have been feeling things that were not there. It could have been things that were just there, and had just moved; Or things that were about to move into that space, and I was perceiving them ahead of time. I felt like I was outside of myself. So everything I would see or feel felt like it was just a little out of sync with where I was physically. I felt like I was between dimensions or waffling back and forth between the two at once. This made me feel really uncomfortable and was quite unnerving. Even as I struggle to find the right words to explain this experience, I am still not quite hitting the point. So I hope that I haven't lost you already, and you continue to read this rambling, because it is going somewhere.

I will try to explain more here with a simple example ... 

I could feel my dog Comet jump up on the bed and lay down next to me. When I opened my eyes, he wasn't there. This was quite startling to me, because I really did feel him jump up on the bed. I was feeling this with my physical body, and not just my intuitive senses. I felt like I was a little bit out of sync with my physical world. The world felt like it was skipping in a jerking-like fashion.

Please read on....

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