21 July 2016

Online Messages ~ Meg Blackburn Losey and The Masters ~ 21 July 2016

While all of this is going on it is easy to misread what is occurring. In your world you had evolved backwards, losing touch with the infinite in so many ways that you now cannot fathom. But that part of you is rising again. You are becoming of the memory of what you have always been. Aspects of the Living One, fluid, adaptable, light and reflecting as perfect parts of the entire whole. And you are beautiful. Why resist perfection?
~ The Masters

Dr Meg's personal message appears first, followed by one from The Masters.

Source: Spirit Lite

Message from Dr. Meg:

Greeting to each of you! It has been a long time since I have sent an Online Message. This year I have been taking time out to regenerate, to work on personal growth, to liven my connections with creation and to be still. For so long it seems that I have run, traveling, teaching, speaking, and keeping up with a massive schedule. The human side of me has needed time so I am honoring that. If we do not keep our balance we begin to falter. Balance within ourselves allows us to maintain our marriage of our human and divine natures and it is a beautiful space to be in.

I have been noticing many changes in our world as well as in the infinite. Some have puzzled me for a time so I have done what I always do, sit with it and let it tell me what is happening. As I watched, I could not at first tell where I was or what I was witnessing. It felt like a hot wind in waves of color. Every time I looked out there for answers that was my experience. So I waited.

As I have, I have watched our very make up reveal more and more areas of change and veils lifted so that we can see much farther into the past of a soul. I have experienced new visions within the field of my clients as each is in its own state of evolution and the conclusion I have come to is that we are in an extreme state of evolution far greater than anything I have ever written about. We are literally being reconstructed energetically and physically into something new and different. A new breed of human being that responds to creation far more than in the past.

Ancient artifacts of our infinite history are being revealed to be released. Records of our past lives are revealing so that they can be decompressed into a single library of knowledge. Overlays of harmonics covering our cellular structure and affecting the nucleus, our DNA, our literal cellular structure is all changing at a rapid pace.

In our world are the obvious headlines of destructive behaviors and anger in the world, the need for some to commit acts so heinous that I choose not to give them power in my own words. I have also noticed that many people are losing it, suddenly seeming to be out of control or suffering from mental illness. Others just seem lost or confused within their journeys.

At the same time, I also notice that beautiful things are occurring. People helping people. The Crystalline and Star Kids are growing up and doing amazing things to help the world (as I predicted).

Animals are undeniably acting emotionally and with great love, taking on the babies of other species or befriending their natural enemies to avoid loneliness or so that they can survive. The animals are also, like us, grieving the loss of loved ones. They are even coming to human beings for help, such as the elephant in recent headlines that had been shot seeking help from people instead of other elephants.

These are just a few examples of the entire picture. But what does it all mean? As I sat back and watched these months, it occurred to me that what we are witnessing is something huge. Something massive is happening on universal scales and is changing us in a myriad of ways.

There are a couple of events happening simultaneously. I will speak to the first and the Masters will explain the second as only they can.

The shift that we created is in full force. What we created with love, ceremony, long standing traditions and frankly our intentions, is blooming into a magnificent effect on our world as an entirety.

One might question how it is so beautiful when we are seeing such dark events happening? How is it perfect when so many events create the appearance that our world is out of control?

 Easy. Any time that the light begins to outgrow the darkness there is a need for balance. What we are witnessing is that. Balancing of what we have created. Sometimes when we see and feel as if our world and our lives are out of control we may feel as if we lost the infinite battle for something more beautiful. This is not true.

Please read on....

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