08 July 2016

Personal Update 8 July 2016

Jon Uban
** Updated 10 July 2016: I hadn't written about one effect (I prefer that word to "symptom") that is obviously quite prevalent because I've heard from so many who are experiencing it, and it's to do with the ringing in the ears. Actually, I also prefer "tone(s)" because it sounds more like a tone than ringing to me. The reason I don't think about this much is because I've practically shut it out of my conscious mind ~ it's been almost 4 years now since I first started hearing it, post-2012 December Solstice. So I don't really "hear" it now unless I consciously tune into it, and it's become very loud and sometimes quite uncomfortable. So yes, most definitely, this audio effect is a major one. I've mentioned before that the single "tone" has now become a chord of at least three tones, and one dear Soul has even told me that his tones are becoming like a symphony. Of course, he puts it much more eloquently than how I've described it :)

I'd also like to mention that some sources (Cobra is one, I believe) have said that this ringing is a form of frequency attack from the negatives. I agree. But I also believe that the ringing/tone(s) so many are hearing are an effect of the rising energies now bathing our beautiful Planet and everyone on it. Additionally, I've also read that this ringing/tone(s) is caused by the activation of our Vagus nerve. That's how I look at it. **

There's a total disinterest on my part to take in anything today, so I thought I would put out something instead :)

If I were to write about how even more intense and totally serious the current cycle of energies are, I would be stating the obvious. So I'll just avoid that fact and talk about other things instead :)

I've mentioned how the energies affected us a couple of times before, one of which was that it felt like I was having an Acupuncture session all over the body, especially on the limbs. I've actually not experienced Acupuncture before, but I'm guessing that's what it must feel like ~ electrocution at minute levels, with the occasional bigger zaps now and then.

This time, however, the feeling is different. Not only do the energies feel "new", the effect has also changed. The mini-electrocution seems to have subsided, and now it feels like the energies are working at the deep cellular level, accompanied by the burning sensations which appear to have returned.

When I tune into what's happening, all I get is "Phoenix".

I'm sure we've all heard various sources liken the transition that we are going through to the Phoenix being re-born from its ashes. I've always understood that on a mental level, but it's only now that I'm realising that we ourselves are being physically re-born as our bodies go through the Fires of Creation ~ we are being re-created from the cellular structure as the fires (energies) burn (transmute) each cell. It's not just a metaphor, it is literal!

Denise Le Fay had written about the June 2016 being "Phoenix-like"; I posted that here and attached two pictures I had taken of Cloud Beings that looked to me to have taken the form of Phoenixes. I had thought then that it was nice timing that Denise wrote about the Phoenix and I had corresponding images to go with the post. I now believe there was much more to it than just Synchronicity......yet again!

One of the major "symptoms" I'm feeling currently is the increasing activity around the Thymus area. I've written about this before, so I'll just add that at times, whatever is happening there is so strong that I actually feel an energy burst outwards from within, resulting in a small lurch, physically. In a recent message, Denise Le Fay also referred to something that she wrote in 2012 (here) about the Thymus (High Heart Centre), where she describes the changes in more detail ~ it feels to me like it's going through the final stages of "taking over", for lack of a better way of describing it.

Dizzy spells, sudden fatigue, experiencing time warps.....these all seem to be continuing, just our normal every occurrences :)

Since Solar activity has been a bare minimum for quite some time until today (minor disturbances), I thought I would check in with Suspicious 0bservers to see if we would be seeing increased activity, and guess what? In his video for 8 July, he used the word "Phoenix" right at the beginning! OK, I don't need more convincing!!

Solar activity is expected to resume, by the way.

One final observation. Ever since I found the Space Observing System site some days ago and posted a chart from there, I've been following the readings on a daily basis. They don't appear to have archived data, so I took some screenshots over a few days, 3-8 July. Those white bands are eye-popping enough, but look at those sharp bursts that streak right across the chart!

I did say I wouldn't mention how totally serious these energies are, yes? Namaste :)


  1. Thankyou dear Grace for this much needed validation:)

    1. Most welcome, Winnie! Quite a few people have written earlier with concerns about how they are feeling ~ it helps to know they are not alone, and that we are indeed receiving ever-increasingly higher frequencies of energies. Blessings :)

  2. Its absolutely fascinating to watch all this finally starting to manifest in our daily lives. I've recently been going to cranial sacral therapist (neurovascular) and my first appointment I'd ever had was the day after the Soltice and wow what an experience that was. It really cleared a lot of things inside of me and then you linked those mp3's from Judy and I did those the night after my appointment and that really added on to what I had already experienced. It was like getting a spiritual massage and makeover. I was on a spiritual high for the week following that which is something I haven't felt since the first time I watched the Galactic History with Andrew and that was like 3 years ago.

    We are becoming energy masters... and fast!! Kryon said something interesting, and while I don't really follow him regularly, I like to hear/read the different perspectives and tie them together. He said something along the lines of this.. Things are really noticeable now between the light and the dark. Dark is really noticeable in a light room. And light is really noticeable in a dark room. And it's really true.. you can really see the separation of densities happening that Andrew has talked about. The forks of energy differences keep splitting off. Friends no longer resonating or loosing touch or interest in things etc..

    This interesting that you post these Schuman resonance charts as they are actually key to the collective consciousness of the planet. Andrew has talked about that many times... Our Schuman resonance needs as a species needs to be really high in order for anything to really happen here.... He was saying, you have all these awake people and then you have all these sleeping people, and the metric between the two needs to be smaller and that Schuman resonance was a big part of that. So yeah... when you see it in the white thats what we need..... but we need it at a constant rate. I actually have a reading with him in Sept that I have been waiting for, for a long time and I have a whole notebook of questions and I will get more clarity on this subject because it interests me as well. I think we are basically at the finish line right now. And more so, the beginning of everyones reality being challenged and this 3d matrix breaking down. "We are the champions" doesn't even end with "of the world" anymore... it just cuts off.. We will be seeing a lot more of this type of thing. Out with the old and with the new like a phoenix rising from the ashes to born anew.

    Anyway, I'm just rambling on here... sorry :D I get excited talking about this stuff. But I wanted to thank you again for putting so much work into your little blog here and sharing your experience as well. It's much appreciated!

    Hang in there! Shits about to get real. Literally.

    - Justin

    1. Hi Justine, I enjoyed reading what you wrote, so apologies are totally unnecessary :) Thank you for relating your experience. You most certainly went through a huge activation, and it looks like that set you up for your next phase.

      "....different perspectives and tie them together..." I totally agree!

      Ever onwards, that's our only direction :) Blessings

  3. Like whisle sound ....energy is moving through a tunnel. ..sound is the reflection only. ..

  4. Higher vibrations, and the sound is getting higher in pitch as well. Blessings :)