27 July 2016

Quick Updates from EM and Blue Solara ~ 26 July 2016

More positive developments coming our way! Stay our course, continue with our inner work and keep our intentions strong!

BDM = Blue Dark Merkaba
CC = Collective Consciousness
BF = Blue Flare
GF = Galactic Federation.

Of course, my caveat about the abbreviations above is....."I could be wrong" :)

PS. A quick check with the webinar notes confirms the abbreviations.

Source: The World Of Truth (here and here)

BDM involvement... CC active point... BF start ... GF intervene ...

Lots of great news are happening Now..quick update will follow ..v.soon..EM


  1. Thank you, Grace, but big hmmm.. I had very much hoped he wouldn't play little Cobra again by emulating his usage of abbreviations, as if that adds to relevance.. and in addition putting himself into a more generous light by explaining all of "his" abbreviations a few weeks later in one of his webinars, as if bragging that in contrast to Cobra, he (Ibrahim) discloses all of his abbreviations to us.. That felt so poorly childish back then, and now he does it again by unnecessarily using this short code..

    And then his being the 1000th-ish "parrot" proclaiming The Event to happen "the latest till.." - in his case end of March, unless "something severe would happen".. and sure, "something severe" seems to have happened, 'cause now it's 4 months later, and still no disclosure, no NESARA, no RV/ GCR, no New Republic, let alone The Event "Enlightened Master" Hassan so surely proclaimed till end of March, be it with or without abbrvs..

    Thus, sorry but no. In my opinion it is overdue that 95% of the wannabe mediums out there finally show balls, apologize, and keep it humbly and honestly quiet UNTIL "The Sneeze". No more human nose-goo .. ;)


    1. I hear you, Lee....I really do.

      All I can say is what works for me ~ at the end of the day, what matters is what I do for myself (the inner work) and what I can do for others (the service). We can feel, without a doubt, that we are changing from the inside out ~ physical symptoms, how differently we perceive the world (and therefore, "reality"), greater understanding. So "something" must be going on.

      Ultimately, we can listen to 100 sources who all say 100 different things (or versions of the same thing) and they can all be wrong (doesn't matter channeled or not, lots of "intel" have been off as well). I just do the best I can each moment, each day.

      The Sneeze will come, that's without a doubt. The question is "when", and I don't think anyone on Earth has that answer for sure.

      My opinion :) Blessings

    2. See that's the thing... You start to get pissed off if you sit around waiting to escape how this world forces us to live and relying on outside sources for that "feel better" intel or info to get you through another day of the drudgery on earth. No one knows when the event will happen. Because WE do it as a collective through dreamtime.

      There's so many factions involved and variables and complexity to all of this. You have the dark forces and all the little factions/groups that make up those dudes (both physical and non physical)... Then you have the good guys who also make up different factions and groups who are both physical and nonphysical. Then you have us, the surface population seemingly unaware of it all who's the real star of the show. Then you have Prime creator's will and hollow earth and Gaia herself... and yada yada yada.. It's a lot of intricate workings that we currently don't have the capacity to fully understand right now. And that's ok... We don't need to understand all of it. Just listen to your hearts choices as cheesy as that sounds. Its very true and it is your best compass at navigating these times.

      I instantly knew when this Brexit thing went down, that what we were seeing was the first domino fall after a very LONG time. I hadn't read any channels or even followed the whole thing to be honest because I'm not into "polotrics" at all, but I knew inside at that moment I heard the news that it was the beginning of the end of all this crap we've been though for so long... And then all hell has broken loose on the World stage now since then. Shit, I don't even recognize this place anymore. It's gone full blown crazy circus mode. I can't even keep up nor do I want to.

      So, things ARE happening! You just need to not relay on outside sources all the time and go within. They are human just like you and I and were all battling this shit energy and who knows what kind of tech is being used on us at any given time to stop us from doing this... So take it easy on yourself and others. They are doing the best they can in these times. The fun's just getting started. We haven't even seen the funny stuff yet! Right now, I would recommend you raise both your arms to the sky and imagine yourself in the front row of a roller coaster ride and your just about to break the crest and go hauling ass down the first big drop! Wooooooooooooo!!!! :D

      Best regards and much love!

      - Justin

    3. Brilliant, Justin! Woohooo!!

    4. Thank you, Grace!!! Love your site and your contributions as always! :D

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  3. Well expressed, Grace, once more. I can only second what you share. I also prefer what's real about and in my own life, rather than more hopeium from the outside. It's just another skewed type of addiction for intel junkies (grin).

    (time to enjoy a coconut. I hope there is coconut trees in 5D. If not, I might manifest them :) )

  4. I know "hope" is a dirty word in some circles. But I personally believe in "empowered hope", where I intend and hold the focus for something that I wish to manifest. As creator beings beginning to remember our Sovereignty, we can make a difference in creating the future. Hope gives us this focus. The energy flows where our focus goes, as Alex Collier puts it so simply yet elegantly.

    Of course, having empowered hope means we must play our part as creator beings in whatever way we can. But you see, you already know all this anyway....

    "I hope there are coconut trees in 5D. If not, I might manifest them :) "

    Blessings :)

    1. yeah you kind of got me a bit there on the hope thing, LOL. I usually prefer to use envision these days rather than hope anyway, but oh well, disregarding the fine print here.

      All we need to do is tickle mama-papa God's nose to make him/her sneeze. Sounds feasible, doesn't it.

    2. I agree! Let's work on getting that Sneeze going :)