03 July 2016

Self-Love, Expanded

Exuberant Lives

It was a usual meditation, I hadn't planned on doing anything special or extraordinary. I got to the part where I sent Love and Gratitude to my Divinity, then I stopped. At that moment, I felt more in need of a "receiving" than a "giving", so I orientated myself for that. I soaked it all up ~ the pure, abundant Unconditional Love waves streaming my way. I received and received and received, until I no longer felt the need. It didn't take long at all, probably about a minute, but it was more than adequate. Everything felt right after this :)

I've done this before now and then, receiving the incredibly loving energies from my Divinity. But on that day, for the first time, I realised what it fully meant to me. It was an act of Self-Love, in its highest expression.

For me, that experience and meaning of Self-Love transcended every other definition that I've come across. Not that I don't agree with some of them, but if I know and experience this Self-Love, then everything else falls into place by default.

It's Self-Love, expanded to its fullest degree.


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