05 July 2016

The Book Of Man: Enigma ~ Brian Onley

There are thirteen parts to this Brian Onley series, each of them in video form. This came out some time ago, so you may have already seen them. If you haven't viewed them yet and are intending to do so because of this post, my suggestion is that you only do so if you feel you have a fairly strong interest in the complex and convoluted saga of Man, from yet another perspective. It took me a very long time to work my way through the videos! With time accelerating, going through the entire series can be quite a task, and to be honest, if you already know quite a lot about the history of Man and are expecting to learn a great deal more from this, you may not find as much as you may have expected. I personally would have appreciated the narrative in text form rather than video, a medium that I find time-consuming. However, I will say that if nothing else, this series underscores the age-old conflict between the Draco-Reptilians and Humans, and the former's unwavering intent for domination over this part of the Cosmos.

I've already posted several different sources on the topic of Human and Galactic History, and it's helpful to remind ourselves that they are all  perspectives, unless of course we are convinced of a particular version being the one. Even though they may all differ in detail, one commonality is evident in all versions....they always feature the same two main Races ~ Man and Draconians, with the focus being Earth.

You can start the series by going over to Brian's Vimeo page, where he has all the thirteen episodes listed. Please know that there is a "Postscript" episode, which you can find on the next page of the Vimeo site.

I've written the following notes about this series, which is the ancient, utterly tragic and deeply poignant Story of Man. Text in pink are my own comments.
  • In general, this series documents the explosive events that branched out from the initial appearance of the Cekahrr in Lyra, which resulted in almost total decimation of the latter's civilisation. Another strong thread woven into this series is the bone-chilling ruthlessness and predatory nature of the Cekahrr to brutally dominate and control. Their origins are unclear, but it is assumed that they may have been banished from another Universe (this seems to be the general view)
  • Illustrates how the D'ouw/D'aul formed a self-preservational "partnership" involving hybridisation with the Draconis, which continued throughout the ages, and how the Draconis left a trail of detruction as they infiltrated the Galaxy
  • Describes how the events necessitated the birth of a Resistance that tried to counter the Draconis' destruction and dominion as well as curtailing their influence, which included the asteroid-assault of Terra and Mars. Draconis bases on Mars were seized, affording the Resistance some leverage
  • Resistance also ended the "Draconian Experiment" (which included Cekahrr hybrids/violent dinosaurs) on Terra. Unfortunately, some Draconians managed to flee underground, saving some of their reserach
  • This defeat incurred wrath of Draconian Empire, launching it into renewed battle
  • At the same time, the Resistance's success in this retributive operation ignited renewed faith and purpose across the Galaxy. Thus began the long, drawn-out saga to liberate the Galaxy and Solar System, with various Races uniting together towards this common objective
  • At times, the narrative implies that Reptilians were the first and only Race on Earth. Andrew Bartzis has talked about timeline manipulations where Races would supplant themselves as the "original" Race on Earth
  • Ne'Man (New Man) = hybrid created by D'aul / Cekahrr to mine ores
  • Dhu'Man (Man of D'aul) = second version, which was the one adopted; these two hybrids had weaknesses built in ~ susceptibility to pathogens and environment, short life, entropy of internal organs, reduced strength and limited intelligence
  • Iru'Man (descendant of Tal'Man) created Hu'Man = Man From the Fire = Tal'Man and Dhu'Man
  • Several Cekahrr Elites arrived on Earth and appeared publicly, which is highly unusual for them. They set themselves up as gods and have been depicted as dragons in art throughout the world
  • Ultimately, rest of Galaxy realised the Draconian agenda of programming Man's descendants into being used as Draconian army against Man's own Human ancestors
  • Enduring efforts to combat the Cekahrr througout the long ages finally resulted in the situation where the Draconian Empire actually feels fear, a word that until now, does not even exist in their own prehistoric language
  • Brain Onley stresses that even if only 1% of this narrative is true, it's enough to render our "known" history as false.

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